Where’s the Largest Gaming Community in the US?

The US video gaming market is among the fastest-growing entertainment sectors in the country, outranking both music and video streaming. In fact, a recent study shows that three out of four Americans play video games. The study also shows that 65% of these US video game enthusiasts also play games on more than one device, ranging from computers to smartphones and consoles.

For those looking to share their adventures with other players or defeat opponents with a team, it’s incredibly easy to find an online gaming community in the US. That’s all thanks to the increased penetration of high-speed internet and the launch of new gaming formats. These gaming trends are also supporting the growth of the online casino market in the country, although not all states have legalized the market. However, you can browse this website to stay updated with the latest legal developments in the casino market across different US states.

But which state has the largest gaming community in the US? To identify the biggest gaming community in the US, we have analyzed the market data based on different factors including the number of gaming conventions, population demographics, number of social gaming groups, 5G coverage, and the number of people with access to computers.

Which US states host the biggest gaming communities

Based on the above factors, Maryland ranks as the No. 1 gaming state in the US, with the most gaming meetup groups (385 groups per 100,000 people). The Mid-Atlantic state features a diverse population, fast internet speeds, and plenty of social networking groups. In fact, about 40% of the state’s population is within the age that makes up a huge part of the gaming community.

Maryland also offers plenty of gaming conventions and great 5G coverage. The availability of high-speed internet has strengthened Maryland’s gaming communities, ranging from mobile gaming to casino gaming. That has helped to create career opportunities for esports players and developers while enhancing the quality of life in gaming communities across the state.  

The Free State also has huge advantages over other states in the country when it comes to video game development. The state hosts many start-ups and well-established gaming companies like ZeniMax Media and Bethesda Game Studios. Additionally, Maryland has several world-class universities like the University of Baltimore and Maryland College Park, which offer excellent game development programs.

These advantages have made Maryland the top destination for aspiring developers and gamers in the US. However, Maryland is among the US states with the least in-person gaming conventions alongside Mississippi, North Carolina, Utah, and Vermont.

New Jersey closely follows Maryland at second place in most gaming meetup groups (264 groups per 100,000 people). Despite scoring lower than Maryland in terms of 5G coverage and population diversity, Garden State offers more social gaming networks and a higher rate of computer ownership.

Other notable states in have made significant gains in the US gaming market include California, Texas, and Delaware. California has recorded an impressive growth rate in its gaming market over the last five years, partly due to the state’s large population base that affords residents a broad range of gaming conventions. That ensures there is something for every video game enthusiast, whether you’re a casual player looking to interact with others or a professional looking for competitive tournaments.

California has a 70% average 5G coverage and it offers the highest of video game conventions that any other state. The residents can attend a total of 15 gaming-related events every year, including five comic-cons events and 10 gaming conventions.

Other the other hand, Texas ranks high because of its large number of video game players. The state’s gaming market features over 190 gaming meetup groups per 100,000 people, with over 9,300 workers. However, the internet speeds in Texas are mediocre at best, although they make up for that by hosting more social gamers than any other US state.

Delaware took the fourth spot on the list, featuring the best average download speeds compared to other states. At 58 Mbps, Delaware’s average download speed for games was 1350% higher than what’s required to play online multiplayer games like League of Legends and Overwatch.


While several states outrank Maryland in its internet penetration and access to 5G networks, Maryland stands above every state with the largest gaming community. This thriving gaming community is filled with players, developers, and publishers filled with passion for their games. The state also has great gaming infrastructure support from broadband internet providers for smooth gameplay.

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