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Green Stamps
Best Of 2

When Green Stamps Were a Thing

Raise your hand if you remember S&H Green Stamps.  For those of you without telepathy, my hand is high in the air.  That’s because I certainly remember Green Stamps.  Now, for those of you who CONTINUE READING…

Best Of 2

“Dinner & A Movie” on TBS

“Beans and Cornbread had a fight… Beans knocked Cornbread out of sight!” All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the main competitor to WWE and preferred wrestling brand of yours truly, announced on January 5th, 2022, the company CONTINUE READING…

Do You Remember?

Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Risk

Lay out the board, parcel out the territories, build up the armies, and commence global conquest. Even people who “don’t play strategy games” know Risk. Simple enough for a young mind to grasp, yet elaborate CONTINUE READING…

Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Electric Football

Ever since enterprising toymakers hit on the gimmick of combining electricity and sports, many a fan has whiled his rainy-day hours away over miniaturized electric versions of his favorite outdoor games. Few U.S. sports are CONTINUE READING…

Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Brut Cologne

Mickey Mantle wore it. Wilt Chamberlain and Joe Namath, too. Billed as the only choice for a masculine scent, Brut ‘defined masculinity for the American man.’ Created by Fabergé in 1964, Brut was so named CONTINUE READING…