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Fun Facts About Rocky IV

Thirty-Five years ago today, Rocky IV hit the silver screen. 27 November 1985 was a Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. In my hometown we didn’t normally get new movies on a Wednesday, new movies hit CONTINUE READING…

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Do You Remember? Condorman

Picture James Bond, slightly geekier and with a winged condor suit. Got it? Then you’re ready for Condorman, a goofy action/comedy from Disney, starring the world’s most unlikely superheroic secret agent. Comic book writer/artist Woody Wilkins CONTINUE READING…

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New Coke
Best Of 1

The Short Life of New Coke

Perhaps one of the darkest days in soft drink history occurred on April 23, 1985, when a true American icon was altered beyond all recognition. Yes, this is the day that Coca-cola announced to the CONTINUE READING…

Do You Remember?

Swatch Watch
Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Swatch Watch

Always new, always different. With Swatch, your watch was never plain, boring or dull. How many Swatch watches can fit on the average person’s wrist? Three was common, two was a must, and four was CONTINUE READING…

Do You Remember


Few phrases strike more fear in the hearts of parents than, “Can I have a puppy/kitty/bunny/parakeet/lizard?” (for the record, those are separate pet options, not one horrible, genetically-engineered super pet). And with good reason. Mom CONTINUE READING…

Buster Brown Shoes
Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Buster Brown Shoes

“I’m Buster Brown, and I live in a shoe. That’s my dog, Tige, and he lives there, too. Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!” Charlie and Snoopy, Our Gang and Pete, Buster and Tige…No childhood relationship CONTINUE READING…

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