The Retro Network launched on June 1, 2019, as an online multi-media network featuring original podcasts, videos, and written features celebrating retro pop culture. Our team of creators allow us to post content every weekday to keep our followers engaged. Advertise with us and let us put our network to work for you!

Why advertise on The Retro Network?

  • Multi-channel strategy: Saturate your message on every channel we offer. See your message on our homepage through featured articles and banners. Hear your message on our podcast network. See your message on our social media channels and our YouTube channel videos.
  • Our target audience has buying power: Our website and content appeals to the Gen X and Gen Y crowd who are now the heads of their household and make buying decisions for themselves and their family. The nostalgia aspect of our content grips our audience with past memories and therefore, appeals to buying and collecting products related to their childhood when they rarely had a budget to spend.
  • Commitment to growth: Our admin team and staff provide fresh content every week on the website and social media platforms. The Retro Network of podcasts also provides new content every week. The key to growth is a continual relationship with an audience and we are committed to keeping our audience engaged.
  • A unique experience: We believe The Retro Network is a unique experience for a retro-minded audience. No other nostalgic-centered brand matches the combined level of content on the web, social media, audio, and video platforms. We are cultivating new followers every day.
  • Price: While The Retro Network is still growing, we are able to offer pricing at a low introductory level that is sure to fit any budget.

As our audience grows, so will the value of our sponsorships so contact us now for pricing!

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