Top Scenes from ’80s Movies featuring a Bathtub or Shower

Whether you have realized it or not, throughout the history of cinema, there are many scenes that take place with a shower and/or bathtub as an essential part. Probably the most unforgettable and the first one that comes to mind would be the shower scene with Janet Leigh from the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho. Now that certainly was not an ’80s film (though its first two sequels were in 1983 and 1986), but the ’80s did have its share of memorable movie scenes in the tub or shower. And not just the gratuitous nudity scene that was forced into many films especially earlier in the decade (like in StripesPorky’s, or almost any R-rated comedy). Here is OLD SCHOOL’S TOP 25 SCENES FROM ’80s MOVIES FEATURING THE BATHTUB and/or SHOWER :

Honorable MentionPretty Woman just missed being an ’80s movie since it was released in March of 1990. It does have one of the best bathtub movie scenes and I am not talking about the one when Richard Gere joins her in the tub. I am talking about the one when Julia Roberts is wearing headphones and singing along to Prince’s “Kiss” (an ’80s song!) while relaxing in a bubble bath. Since she is singing a great 80s song while listening to a Walkman and the film just missed the ’80s by 86 days, I wanted to at least give Pretty Woman an honorable mention.

26. Young Guns (1988) – “Billy the Kid” (played by Emilio Estevez) takes an old-fashioned bath in this western which takes place in the 1870s. There is no doubt his six-shooter is not far from reach.

Young Guns

25. See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989) – A hard-of-hearing “Dave” (played by Gene Wilder) is trying to sneak a handbag out of the bathroom when a soapy “Eve” (played by Joan Severance) reaches out to get something out of the bag.

24. Wildcats (1986) – “Molly McGrath” (played by Goldie Hawn) is unexpectedly interrupted while trying to take a relaxing bath.

23. Arthur (1981) – As one of his many symbols of wealth, “Arthur” (played by Dudley Moore) sits in his gigantic bathtub usually accompanied by a drink. Even the movie’s poster shows this image with the question, “Don’t you wish you were Arthur?”

22. Scarface (1983) – In one example of over-indulgence, “Tony Montana” (played by Al Pacino) sits in his gold-plated extravagant tub.

21. Ghostbusters II (1989) – In the sequel, “Dana Barrett” (played by Sigourney Weaver) has a scary moment when supernatural slime tries to invade her apartment via her bathtub.

20a. Just One of the Guys (1985)  – “Terri” (played by Joyce Hyser) can’t shower with the rest of the guys for obvious reasons, so she brings a doctor’s note and gets assigned to jockstrap duty instead.