Moon Patrol
Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Moon Patrol

It wasn’t easy patrolling the rocky terrain of Moon Patrol, but if it was any consolation, they gave you a really cool car. The purple, six-wheeled, high-jumping, laser-blasting vehicle at the center of Moon Patrol was a dream CONTINUE READING…

Night Gallery
Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Night Gallery

Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone had a cult following like few shows this side of Star Trek, and ever since the program’s cancellation in 1964, the die-hards had been begging for new episodes. They wouldn’t get them during CONTINUE READING…

OK Soda
Do You Remember

Do You Remember? OK Soda

Like Hypercolor clothing and Tae Bo, OK Soda was a cult invention that some people loved with a passion, but that never really caught on with everybody. In 1993, beverage giant Coca-Cola looked at Generation CONTINUE READING…