10 Great Scenes and Lines from Clueless

Clueless is one of my favorite “comfort food” movies. When I have a tough day at work or I just get tired of watching the news, I either put in my DVD or pull it up on Netflix. 

The movie came out three days after my eighteenth birthday and during the summer before I started college. I bought some of the feather topped pens like the ones Cher used, but I didn’t take them to school. They were great for writing in my journals though. 

Also, I recently signed up for a Comixology free trial and found a comic book about Cher, Dionne, and Tai’s senior year adventures.

Clueless was definitely quotable, but here are some of my favorite parts/lines of the movie. I’m going to stick with ten here because twenty-five would be the whole movie.) Happy 25th, Clueless!

1. Cher’s Garden Party Argument for Debate Class

Cher wins the argument in favor of welcoming “Haiti-ian” refugees by explaining what the caterers did when unexpected guests arrived at her father’s fiftieth birthday party.  

2. Travis’ “Most Tardies”Acceptance Speech

When Mr. Hall announces to the class that Travis has the most tardies in the class, Travis stands and humbly “accepts” his award. He thanks his parents for never giving him a ride to school, the L.A. bus system, and McDonald’s “For taking hours making those little Egg McMuffins”. 

3. Cher Goes for a Drive with “Responsible Adult” Josh 

While Josh supervises Cher’s driving, they discuss “Marky Mark’s” plans to plant a tree. It’s funny because Cher scoffs about Wahlberg “taking time out of his busy pants dropping schedule” and Josh points out that maybe Marky Mark wants to use his popularity for a good cause. 

4. Elton and his weird excuses to leave the classroom

“I left my Cranberries CD in the Quad and I need to go get it before someone snags it.” Also “My foot hurts. I need to see the nurse.” 

5. Murray “outs” Christian

While Dee, Murray, and Cher are out for a drive, Cher vents her frustration at Christian not wanting to have sex with her. 

Murray responds with an outburst that is so politically incorrect it shouldn’t have been funny. 

6. Mel’s Warning

Speaking of Christian, when he comes to pick Cher up for the frat party, Mel says to Christian: “If you hurt my daughter, I have a .45 and a shovel. I doubt anyone would miss you.” 

7. Mel and Cher talk about the white dress (trailer scene): 

Mel: What the h is that? 

Cher: A dress. 

Mel: Says who? 

Cher: Calvin Klein

8. Cher also had a lot of really good advice such as:

“When a boy comes over, you should always have something baking.” 

9. Cher picks up Dionne for school and they comment on each other’s accessories. 

Cher: Been shopping with Dr. Seuss? 

Dionne: Well at least I wouldn’t skin a collie to make my backpack.

Cher: It’s faux. 

10. Cher is composing a love note from “Mr. Hall” for “Miss Geist”:

(“Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.”) 

Dionne: Phat! Did you write that?

Cher: Duh. It’s like a famous quote.

Dionne: From where?

Cher: Cliff’s Notes.

There are so many great quotes and moments in this movie, but these are my top ten. It’s a perfect movie for those days when nothing seems to be going right and you just need to laugh at something. If nothing else, you can just look at Paul Rudd or Alicia Silverstone, depending on which one strikes your fancy.

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