TRN Talk – VHS Collecting and Home Video Memories

Welcome to the first episode of The Retro Network’s newest podcast TRN Talk. Sometimes a subject is best served by simply opening up the mics and talking about it at length. The TRN Talk series is reserved for discussing any retro topic that needs more attention than 140 characters on Twitter or a photo on Instagram. You’ll hear familiar voices from members of The Retro Network plus guests outside of the regulars who have extensive knowledge on the subject.

The first episode of TRN Talk is all about VHS collecting and home video memories. Sequelquest host Adam (@hojukoolander) and Chad from Horror Movie BBQ (@horrormoviebbq) are the initiators of the subject, both extensively familiar with collecting VHS tapes in the modern day. Jason (@RD80s) hosts and also joins in the conversation as VHS fan. All three dive into memories of early home video options, rental store experiences, and home libraries.

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