TRN Bracket Madness Tournament Featuring ’90s Music Videos

March is here which means it’s the time we usually fill out brackets. With the cancelling of the NCAA tourney thanks to the coronavirus, The Retro Network is bringing you a bracket to fill out in its place. TRN is proud to announce our first Bracket Madness tournament, not with basketball teams (although we do recognize sports as part of pop culture), but featuring a look back at the glory days of MTV and 1990s music videos!

Join in the fun and predict the winner of our tournament which will be decided on the Bracket Madness podcast this Thursday! Five TRN staffers (Tim, Kevin, Stacey, Gary, and Jason) got together recently to build the bracket and then voted on each matchup until a winner was crowned. Here’s how we compiled the bracket:

  • Each of the 5 podcast participants entered 3 picks
  • 2 more TRN staffers entered 1 pick each
  • 3 picks were entered from replies to a recent tweet
  • All 20 picks were seeded based on YouTube views
  • 4 play-in matchups were created for the lower seeds to get to the Sweet 16

With the play-in matchups revealed, we are now at the Sweet 16! Can you predict the winner? The top seeds are Guns N’ Roses “November Rain”, Aerosmith “Crazy”, Korn “Freak on a Leash”, and Jamiroquai “Virtual Insanity.” Will one of top seeds reign or can one of the lower seeds pull an upset? Find out this Thursday on the first TRN Bracket Madness podcast, but until then, make your predictions! The first round matchups are listed below with links to their YouTube videos for reference. Right click on the bracket image to save and print. Fill out your entire bracket and share a pic with us on social media (@TRNsocial). You can also simply leave a comment with your picks. Hope you enjoy filling out the bracket and tune in later this week to The Retro Network Podcast Channel to hear how you did!

1 Guns N’ Roses “November Rainvs. 16 Matthew Sweet “Girlfriend

2 Aerosmith “Crazyvs. 15 Van Halen “Right Now

3 Korn “Freak on a Leashvs. 14 Billy Idol “Cradle of Love

4 Jamiroquai “Virtual Insanityvs. 13 Faith No More “Epic

5 Michael/Janet Jackson “Screamvs. 12 Chris Issac “Wicked Game

6 Beastie Boys “Sabotagevs. 11 Queensryche “Silent Lucidity

7 Smashing Pumpkins “Tonight Tonightvs. 10 Lauren Hill “Everything is Everything

8 Weezer “Buddy Hollyvs. 9 Deee-Lite “Groove is in the Heart

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