Stone Mountain Laser Light Show Rocks The ’80s (VIDEO)

As a companion to TRN Podcast 008 and talking about my recent trip to Stone Mountain Park in Georgia, I thought I’d share a video of the ’80s segment from the laser light show. Stone Mountain Laser Show Spectacular began in 1983 and incorporated into the show is a fun segment featuring pop culture from that year.

As I mentioned in the podcast, my family made fun of me for screaming like a 7 year old while I watched He-man, The A-Team, Magnum p.i., Michael Jackson, and other pop culture icons come to life on the side of the mountain. Not only do you get the visuals, but several popular songs from 1983 are also featured during the montage. It had been over a decade since I had watched it and did not remember how much nostalgia was plugged into the show.

Check out the ’80s segment in the video beginning at the 13:48 mark (queued up below.) I’d highly recommend visiting Stone Mountain Park with your family and watching the laser show if you’ve never had the chance. The show is free with your parking admission and you can bring lawn chairs and blankets to sit and enjoy.

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