TRN Podcast 008 – Early Internet Memories

Jason and Mickey are back with another episode of the Retro Network Podcast, reminiscing about the first time they logged into the internet. First, Jason tells about his weekend trip to Stone Mountain and the World of Coke. Next, our Recurrent Events (@recurrentevents) segment includes visiting “The McFly” condo on Airbnb, MacGyverWorld VR escape room, Muppet Babies/Ducktales reboot series news, It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood trailer, Masters of the Universe toys returning to retail stores, and this week’s anniversaries in movies, and music. We also debut a new monthly feature of what’s coming to streaming services for August. Then, we use a dial-up modem to connect to our early internet memories in the mid-90s including our first experience and what the “Wild West Era” of the world wide web was like. Finally, don’t miss our preview of content coming up on website.

Listen between segments for mid-’90s TV commercials from America Online!

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