Rental Return S2 EP6: Pushing Stop

Season 2 of Rental Return – Tales From the Video Store comes to a close with “Pushing Stop.” This episode features the final days of video stores from the perspective of our Video Heroes. You’ll hear how DVD, Blu-Ray, and Netflix affected the operation of their stores. Then, listen how some of our Heroes ended their tenures and their perspective on other store closings in the area. With the perspective of hind sight, we then ask our Heroes what they miss most about working at a video store. And finally, we find out if our Heroes kept any mementos from the store as a badge of honor.

Our “Video Heroes” for Season 2 include Mark DeWitt (@Mark_DeWitt), Brian B. (@InnerDemonsGR), Joe Corey (@YourCanadianGF), Matthew Corey (@rollerdogNC), Bob O’Rourke (@constrictionpix), William Lanham (@deadly_dinosaur), Colin Fitzpatrick, Alan Smith, W. Axel Foley aka Billy Foley, and Brandon Meyers.

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