Five Fun Facts About Elvira

If you grew up in the ’80s and ’90s, then surely you’re familiar with the Mistress of the Dark, Elvira. Elvira got her start after winning an audition to replace former “Fright Night” host Larry Vincent with a new show featuring a female host. With her wit and sex appeal, she quickly gained a following in the L.A. area with her Movie Macabre show, and soon was known the world over. She has been a pop culture icon for almost 40 years, but there are still some things about her that would surprise some folks. So here now are Five Facts About Elvira!

1. Elvira Dated Elvis Presley

Although their relationship was short-lived, the King of Rock & Roll did indeed once date our Mistress of the Dark Elvira. They met while Elvira was a showgirl at The Dunes Casino and hotel and Elvis was performing. Elvis would go on to give Elvira a valuable piece of advice, as he convinced her that she had a singing voice, so she hired a voice coach and before long she had a lead singing part in the show that she had previously been a showgirl for.

2. She Lost Her Virginity to Tom Jones

Yes, that Tom Jones. The international sex symbol who has gained fame for female members of the audience throwing their panties at him while he performs on stage once added Elvira to his list of conquests. Elvira initially thought it was a good thing for her until she saw him the next day with two of his backup singers.

3. Coors Beer Commercials Made Her a Household Name

Even though Elvira’s Movie Macabre series made her famous locally in L.A., it wasn’t until Coors beer cast her in their national commercials and put cardboard standups of her likeness all over the country that her fame really took off on a national scale.

Do yourself a favor and learn more about her Coors Light beer commercials with Tim’s excellent piece Retro Commercials: Elvira’s Halloween Coors Light Commercials.

4. Elvira Worked For Both Major Wrestling Promotions, the WWF and WCW, in the ’80s

Elvira appeared as a special guest commentator for the main event of WWF Wrestlemania 2 in Los Angeles in 1986 pitting world champion Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy. She then served as a spokesperson for WCW’s first Halloween Havoc pay-per-view event in 1989, filming a series of hype videos for the event.

For more on Elvira’s escapades in and around the squared circle, check out Jeff’s feature Elvira: Mistress of the…Wrestling Ring?

5. Elvira Turned Down an Offer From Hugh Heffner to Appear in Playboy

Elvira credits her fans for convincing her to not do it. She was more than ready and willing, but after asking her fans for feedback, the overwhelming response was no. When asked, the general consensus from her fans was that it would ruin her mystique. So she decided against it and left her virtuous reputation intact.

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