Bracket Madness: Action TV Shows

The Retro Network’s Bracket Madness tournament podcast returns with 7 bracketeers on a mission to determine the Best Action TV Show of All Time! Our tournament will be seeded and voted on by Gary (@MileHighSamurai), Karen (@KarenFlieger8), Eric (@Eric_Vardeman), Michael (@cannizle of @WizardsComics and @BoxOffice30), Stacey (@geeky_vixen), Tim (@oldschool80s) and hosted by Jason (@RD80s).

That’s right we are throwing the years out the window and making ALL live-action shows available to be selected in our tournament. Fist fights, car chases, shootouts, theme songs, and Erik Estrada roller skating. Yes, we will cover it all in this episode of television history. Automatically entered into our tournament of 32 picks are Miami ViceThe Dukes of HazzardThe A-Team, and 24. It will be up to the bracketeers to enter the remaining 28 picks and then vote on which show is the best among Action TV Shows. Will one of the top seeds reign or will a lower seed be able to pull off an upset? Tune in and find out!

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