WWE Memorable Moments – Series 1 (Figure 3 of 4)

WWE: Memorable Moments Series 1
(Figure Reveal 3 of 4)

Hello Everyone. It’s been a few months, but I’m back to continue my series on my fictional or hypothetical WWE Action Figure Series that highlights important moments from back in the 80’s and 90’s that (as of the time of this writing) hasn’t been made in Figure Form.

Last time, we revealed Figure #2 as “The Bad Guy” Scott Hall (click here), wearing his denim getup from the first time he walked onto the camera on a live edition of WCW Nitro.

WWE Memorable Moments

Today’s Third Figure Reveal is actually a Double Reveal. This would make an excellent 2-pack of figurines from a pair of individuals who’s employer/employee relationship catapulted WWE to higher ratings that would ultimately help them win the Monday Night War.

WWE Memorable Moments
Oh, I’ll Take it from Here Nurse!

The year was 1998. The showdown for wrestling supremacy between WWE (Then WWF) and WCW was in full-force. Vince McMahon has already began turning into his villainous alter-ego “Mr. McMahon” for many months now. On this October edition of Raw is War, Mr. McMahon is “recovering” from injuries suffered at the hands of Undertaker and Kane (McMahon had tried to screw over the two guys the week prior in a handicap match). At McMahon’s request, he informs the nurse that only family is to come and visit him in the hospital. Throughout the show, short vignettes are shown and one of Vince’s visitors is Mankind, who has come to cheer up Vince, with candy, clowns, balloons, and even the debut of Mankind’s famous “Mr. Socko” character. Vince, who was already paranoid the entire night, is now annoyed by the gesture.

Later in the episode, as Vince is getting his blood pressure checked, one of the “doctors” is revealed to be Stone Cold Steve Austin, complete in hospital scrubs, cap, and a surgical mask. Stone Cold proceeds to pound away on McMahon, in about 90 seconds of pure wrestling storyline gold. McMahon, in his hospital gown, is brutally attacked in the bed, nearly revealing a little too much underneath the gown at one point. Austin of course has a few more surprises up his sleeve, clobbering Vince with a bedpan which makes a very comical “thud” sound across the top of Vince’s skull (arguably this is what puts the entire scene over the top). During the fracas, you hear Vince’s heart monitor make the typical flatline noise. As Vince is struggling to get away, Austin grabs the nearby defibrillator and presses down on Vince’s chest, and in the final scene, Austin leans Vince over the bed and proclaims “This is going to hurt you more than it will hurt me”, he shoves a long metal rod up McMahon’s rear as the scene fades to black.

The entire script hospital scene was pure genius and help further fuel the McMahon/Austin feud that lasted for so many years. This, of course, was one of many memorable moments in that feud during the Attitude Era that us wrestling fans have so many fond memories of.

My Personal Memory: 15 Year-Old me was smack-dab in the middle of flipping the channel between WWF and WCW, trying to decide which product I liked better. Monday Nights in my home during those days would always start by watching 8PM Nitro, followed by flipping between the two starting at 9PM. Had to make sure all of my homework was completed before Mom and Dad would let me watch. I remember this particular night was a particularly good night of wrestling and I was fully invested in watching how Austin and McMahon would try to get one over on the other each and every week.

Figure Details: For this set to sell well, these two figures undoubtedly needs to be sold as set of 2. Austin, complete in blue hospital scrubs, with cap and surgeon mask, holding the bedpan that he clobbered Vince with. McMahon, of course, with hospital gown on and his left leg wrapped up in Ace-bandaging from the beating he took the week prior from Undertaker and Kane. If there’s room left, throw in the hospital bed as well, since it would be a great accessory to use in a hardcore match playing with my other wrestling figurines.

WWE Memorable Moments
The Sound of the Bedpan across Vince’s Head!

Stay tuned, as I’ll reveal the last of my set of 4 Fictional Figurines, as we stroll down memory lane and re-live the glory days of wrestling.

Thanks for listening!

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