WWE Memorable Moments – Series 1 (continued)

WWE: Memorable Moments Series 1
(Figure Reveal 2 of 4)

Hello again everyone.

I’m back with another #FigReveal.

What this series does for me (and hopefully for you) is getting to remember some of the best (or not so best) moments of 80’s and 90’s wrestling by creating figurines of those involved in those storylines or angles. Often times, the attire or accessories of these fictional action figures are not what you would traditionally see on an actual figurine from LJN, Hasbro, etc.

WWE Memorable Moments

If you remember last time, our first fictional WWE Action Figure Lineup, we celebrated a moment in the WWF New Generation Era in the early 90’s by revealing The All-American Lex Luger as the first figure in the lineup. Next up, we commemorate another “Where were you” moment with the reveal of the next moment in wrestling time.

What were you doing in May of 1995. Did you happen to flip to TNT on a random Monday Night? You may have seen a random wrestling match featuring Steve Doll and “The Mauler” when suddenly the camera pans to the crowd. Wait – who’s that walking down the stairs? He’s stepping over the guard rail. He’s got a microphone. But there’s a match taking place?!?! As this blue-jeaned scruffy looking guy began to talk, the first sentence he uttered would begin a chain-reaction of events that would lead to the start to the infamous “Monday Night Wars”

WWE Memorable Moments

“You people know who I am……..but you don’t know why I’m here!”

The man speaking was none other than “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon. We’d seen him for years on WWF Programming. A 4-time Intercontinental Champion. What was odd is that neither Razor, nor the WCW Announcing Team calling the interrupted match referred to him as Razor Ramon. In fact, it was weeks before his name was even mentioned. And when it was, he was being called Scott Hall. Kayfabe being what it was at the time, you would not have really known what his real name was. And if you go back just a few years prior, you might have recognized this man wrestling in WCW as “The Diamond Studd”. What would play out in the coming weeks would soon be revealed to be formation of the N.W.O- one of greatest wrestling stables that ever existed. These guys bucked authority and spit in the face of traditional wrestling factions. The New World Order would eventually go through many iterations before it began to get old and played out before WCW’s ultimate demise in 2001.

My Personal Memory: When this played out TV, I was a few shy months of my 13th birthday. I can’t remember if my family had cable TV or not at this point, but I was starting to make new friends in middle school that would soon tell me what was happening on the other wrestling channel. Not long after this moment, every Monday night I would be tuning into both TV channels to catch what was going on. The “Monday Night Wars” were in full effect, and I couldn’t be more entertained.

Figure Details: Much like my previous entry, this figure will be adorned in a denim sleeveless regalia from head to toe. Greasy slicked-back hair and signature toothpick is also a detail that can’t be missed. And a “Monday Nitro” microphone would be a good touch.

WWE Memorable Moments

I haven’t seen a Scott Hall figure that existed that sported this iconic look and celebrated this signature and pivotal moment in wrestling history. Sadly, earlier this year we lost Hall due to complications after hip surgery. Despite the well-documented personal and legal troubles that Hall had much of his life, he was inducted into the WWE of Fame in 2014. One of his lasting legacies will be his final sentence in his induction speech, delivered in a true heel-like fashion that Hall was quite known for in his illustrious career….

“Hard work pays off, dreams come true. Bad times don’t last, but bad guys do!”

Thanks for listening!

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