VHS Archive: Fish Tank Video (1993)

The Thrift Store Horde series has really opened my eyes to novelty VHS tapes. What’s a novelty tape? My definition would simply be anything out of the ordinary. We’re all used to seeing VHS copies of big-screen movies and network television shows at the thrift store, but what about tapes with programming that was likely on cable networks at 3am? Syndicated sports shows like Nash & Zullo’s Offbeat Sports Beat, fitness shows, and randomly filmed videos of fireplaces and aquariums were all part of the novelty video market for VHS.

One such video that caught my eye in the past year is an aquarium video released in 1993 that was simply titled Fish Tank Video. I’ve always loved aquariums but never had the nerve (or money) to maintain a large one with exotic fish. The next best thing is watching this video which “enables you to experience all the joys of these beautiful creatures without having to care for them.” Here’s a little more about the video from the back of the slip cover:

Filmed at the Pacific Coral Reef Tank at the New England Aquarium in extraordinarily high resolution and quality color. You can choose to view in silence or with the quite, bubbling background music.

Of course, “high resolution” in ’93 is a little different than what we experience nowadays. But for the sheer novelty factor, I think you’ll enjoy watching these little fish swim around to the sounds of cheesy doctor’s office music.

For the sake of preservation (and our mental health,) do yourself a favor and dedicate the next hour to watching Fish Tank Video from the VHS archive on the TRV TV YouTube channel….

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