VHS Archive: The Sports Hall of Shame (1996)

If you watch the Thrift Store Horde series, you know that I’m always looking for rare VHS tapes. One I stumbled onto recently was a sports tape from 1996. I’ve always loved sports bloopers and when I saw the title “The Sports Hall of Shame”, I had to buy it.

What also caught my eye was that this tape didn’t have a big name attached to it like Sports Illustrated or NFL Films. Nash & Zullo’s Offbeat Sports Beat was not a show I remembered although they apparently had some success in the sports commentary world (or at least that’s what the back of the box suggests.) The duo of Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo not only had the syndication television show, but the 1985 best-selling book The Baseball Hall of Shame spawned a whole franchise of shame including a series of books, videos, and a nationally syndicated comic strip.

This video contains the worst of the worst when it comes to sports. You’ll see:

  • The bottom of the barrel – A tribute to the worst teams of all time.
  • Sports confidential – Top secrets of the nuttiest pranksters.
  • A tour of the continents greatest stadiums – In search of the lousiest seats in baseball.
  • The world’s worst avid golfer – Watch him shoot a 66 on one hole.

For the sake of sports preservation, do yourself a favor and watch The Sports Hall of Shame from the TRN VHS archive on YouTube….

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