TRN Time Machine: Quiz Show 2

TRN Time Machine time jumps to several decades as Jason and Mickey play Quiz Show 2 featuring pop culture trivia from the ’80s, ’90s, and beyond. Play along as the hosts answer questions from movies, television, music, sports & games, buzz, and fads. Who will answer 10 questions first and be crowned Quiz Show 2 champion? Tune in to find out!

Also, its FREE PREVIEW week for After Hours! That’s right, we are giving our listeners a chance to listen to our weekly After Hours show for FREE which is usually released Tuesday nights on Patreon for our VIPs. Instead, this week’s show will be uploaded to the TRN Time Machine feed so you can preview the irreverent and sometime explicit nature of After Hours. This week, Jason and Mickey talk the value of trading cards and begin the new High School Stories series. Enjoy your free preview and if you are motivated, become a VIP at the $5 level to unlock the VIP Vault which contains our audio archive and access to future After Hours episodes.

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'80s Kid, '90s Grad, and '00s Dad. I've been writing and podcasting about 1980s pop culture since 2011 at my website. I collect vinyl, cassingles, '80s comics, Batman memorabilia, and all things Mobile Armored Strike Kommand.

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