TRN Time Machine Podcast: Baseball

TRN Time Machine returns for Season 3 featuring host Jason and friends telling narratives from their past. In this episode, Jason talks about his memories of Baseball. From early memories of playing wiffle ball with neighborhood friends to playing little league baseball in his teenage years, Jason tells many stories about “America’s Pastime” that took place in rural Pennsylvania during the mid to late ’80s. You’ll also hear him touch on drinking “suicides” after wins, bubble gum preferences in the dugout, and a moment of glory that landed him on the sports page of the local newspaper.

Listen to the Baseball episode below:

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'80s Kid, '90s Grad, and '00s Dad. I've been writing and podcasting about 1980s pop culture since 2011 at my website. I collect vinyl, cassingles, '80s comics, Batman memorabilia, and all things Mobile Armored Strike Kommand.


  1. Jason,
    Thanks for bringing back memories of our time in little league! I still have our Curwensville Lions team picture as well as the ball from my final game as a pitcher (signed by you and all our other teammates).

    I really enjoy listening to your other podcasts too! Take care.

    Brad Pentz

    • Oh wow, Brad. Can’t believe you found me! Thanks so much for your kind words. I forgot about the baseball we signed. I remember looking up to you both figuratively and literally when joined the team. Great to reconnect!

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