TRN Podcast 013 – School Stories

Jason and Mickey are back for another week of retro fun, this time featuring some stories from our school days! First, we give some praise to the Tubi app and its retro streaming content. Then, here’s what we have in this week’s Recurrent Events (@recurrentevents) headlines:

  • Joker trailer reaction
  • Terminator: Dark Fate trailer reaction
  • Mr. Mom TV reboot trailer reaction
  • Ghostbusters returning to theaters
  • Cobra Kai now streaming for free
  • 24-Hour James Bond Channel on Pluto TV
  • Actress Valerie Harper passes away
  • Unicron Haslab project
  • Savage World Thundercats figures Wave 2
  • Hasbro now owns Death Row Records
  • Lisa Frank Casetify collection
  • Dragonball Z merchandise record holder

Our main topic discussion this week sponsored by the RetroDaze YouTube channel is School Stories. Mickey and Jason tell about their school experience along with stories from the cafeteria, school store, banquets, and pranks gone wrong. Finally, don’t miss our recap segment of what to expect on website this week. Also, don’t forget to enter The Retro Network Essay Contest!

Stay tuned between segments this week for some Back to School TV commercials from the ’80s including Payless department store, Mead’s Trapper Keeper, and our beloved Hills department store.

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