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With Hasbro finally giving us a full-fledged GI Joe/Transformers crossover with their Megatron/HISS Tank and Baroness set, it feels like a great time to be a fan of both toylines.  We’ve got some toys that toe the line, like a Starscream-styled repaint of the Skystriker with Cobra Commander wielding Megatron in pistol mode, but nothing that had both toylines’ features in one.  It got me thinking of what other cartoons could crossover with Transformers and I’ve come up with five that would be pretty easy for Hasbro to do with existing figures.

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

The most recognizable vehicle, Armed Force has a pretty basic shape with a flat top and a sloped front. It’s a pretty good Match for Rook, a new Protectobot released during Combiner Wars in 2017. To get the interchangeable weapon feature, Hasbro could include Ironworks, which is a figure that splits into numerous pieces called a Weaponizer.  The different parts could plug into a number of 5mm ports on Rook’s vehicle and robot mode and replicate the customizable nature perfectly.  Give Rook a new head and Jayce-inspired paint job and you’re good to go.

Masters of the Universe

I was racking my brain trying to figure out which He-Man vehicle could be adapted to a Transformer – the Wind Raider, Attack Trak, Dragonwalker, even Strider – and none of them made any sense.  Then I remembered the recent Tigatron release would be a perfect mold for Cringer.  Give him a new robot mode head to resemble Battle Cat’s helmet and you’re good to go – that mutant head looks pretty close already.


I went back and forth between this show and Dino Riders and eventually landed on Dinosaucers due to the Dinovolving feature in the cartoon lending itself to transformation.  I know Beast Wars Megatron has already been recolored and released for the Jurassic Park crossover, but it’s such a good figure, that it could be used twice.  I decided to go with Allo instead of the obvious Genghis Rex because of two reasons: there’s already a red repaint of Megatron called T-Wrecks, and only the Dinosaucers could Dinovolve, not the Tyrranos.  Allo just needs a new robot head, maybe a different dinosaur head to match the allosaurus better, and a brown and blue color scheme.


There’s been a few different GoBot Transformers released. There’s Fracture, a Crasher-colored Mirage repaint from the first movie line. There’s a 6-figure set of G1 GoBots that were repaints of the G1 Minibots, but it was a Japanese released Collector’s Edition. But due to rights issues, seeing Leader-1 pop up in Transformers outside of the Armada series is extremely unlikely.  However, if that were ever to be fixed, the recent Studio Series Wreck-Gar would be a perfect mold to repaint into Cy-Kill with a new head.  Hasbro lawyers, make it happen! 


At first, I had a tough time with MASK because as much as I want a transforming Thunderhawk, I couldn’t decide between two different ways to make it.  If you want a car as faithful to the original as possible but didn’t care about having a Matt Trakker figure that fit inside, you could remold the previous Back to the Future Crossover figure, Gigawatt, and keep the gullwing doors. If you would prefer to figure to fit inside, you could remold Bumblebee from the Human Alliance line, but you’d lose the wings. Both options are still disappointing though if I’m being honest.

But then I remembered @WackArtWork’s series of MASKFormers images, which included a perfect Optimus Prime/Rhino design. And it’s perfect timing with Legacy Laser Optimus Prime just released, recreating his Generation 2 long-nose semi alt mode. Paint it brown, add some bigger stacks to the side, and plug an antenna on the roof, and there you go! Seriously, Hasbro, just give this guy a job already.

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