The Retro Network Presents: Cobra Kai S4 Roundtable Review


This podcast INCLUDES SPOILERS for Cobra Kai Season 4 and previous seasons so please watch the series before listening! We won’t be held responsible for any roundhouse kicks to your brain!

In this episode of The Retro Network Presents, Eric (@eric_vardeman), Wyatt (@infamouswb), and Jason (@RD80s) sit down for a roundtable review of Netflix’s Cobra Kai Season 4. The review begins with our overall thoughts of Seasons 1-3 and a brief discussion of whether binge watching is the best way to watching shows. Then we strike hard into Season 4 with viewing stats, thoughts on the overall plot, individual scenes, and new characters. We then take a partying shot at Season 5 with our predictions following the All-Valley tournament results and reveals in the final episode.

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