Superbowl LVII: 10 Commercials with Retro Flair

Superbowl LVII is almost here and numerous commercials have already been released. It seems advertising agencies have been leaning on nostalgia the past several years and 2023 will be no different.

Some of the big game ads with retro flair in recent memory include “The 80s Called” when Radio Shack attempted a comeback in 2014. Just a few year’s ago in 2019, Walmart put just about every nostalgic ride on display for its pickup service in the “Famous Cars” commercial. They followed it up the next year with “Famous Visitors.” Another memorable commercial in 2020 was Bill Murray waking up on Groundhog Day again and driving a Jeep all over town.

So while most Superbowl ads continue to push absurdity to get us to remember the product or company in the ad, the nostalgic angle seems to do a better job in my case. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s commercials with retro flair:

Rakuten | Clueless The Extended Cher Cut

The Retro Network is about to debut the Gnarly 90s Podcast soon and Clueless was one of the big movies from the decade that people still quote to this day. Also, does Alicia Silverstone age?

Michelob Ultra | New Members Day

A fun nod to Caddyshack in this ad featuring Tony Romo as Carl Spackler, the dancing gopher, and a Kenny Loggins soundtrack.

Workday | Rock Star

Are we using the term “rock star” at the office too much? According to Paul Stanley, Ozzy Osbourne, Joan Jett, and Billy Idol we are.

PopCorners | Breaking Bad

Hard to believe its been 15 years since Breaking Bad made its debut but this commercial makes it seem like it was yesterday. (And makes me want to binge the series all over again!)

T-Mobile | New Year New Neighbor

If Zach and Donald from Scrubs weren’t enough of a throwback, let’s go back a few more decades and mix in John Travolta with some Grease flair.

Sam Adams | Your Cousin’s Brighter Boston

This Sam Adams has a lot of humor and just the right touch of ’90s nostalgia with Len’s “Steal My Sunshine” as its soundtrack.

Dogfish Head Brewery | The Not-So Big Game Commercial

Just when you thought its was dead, electric football returns! And by the way, the Electric Football World Championships is an actual thing.

Busch | The Busch Guide: Shelter

I think all of us remember watching those sappy ASPCA commercials with Sarah McLachlan with her ’90s hit “Angel” playing the background. Nice callback here with the added humor of her not knowing the difference between a dog and a wolf.

Turbo Tax | Dancer

A man without a hat dances instead of doing his taxes.

Uber One | One Hit for Uber One

P. Diddy samples some ’90s hits to make a new hit for Uber One.


What’s your favorite? I’m leaning toward Breaking Bad with Caddyshack a close second place. I’m sure there will be more to add to the list come Superbowl LVII Sunday. I know Budweiser is waiting to release one based on Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon starring the actor which I imagine will have some of his career highlights. Check back later and I’ll update the list as they are released.

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