Retro Pull List for October 2021

It’s spooky season once more. Will those frights in the night show up on comic book racks as well? Stock up on your body bags and boards for this extra sized pull list. For something a little different this month let’s celebrate new and retro horror titles! All of the comics this month are first issues. Perfect jump scare, I mean jumping on points. From the big companies to the small. Familiar and brand new. Immortal evils and fresh kills. Fresh faces! Geez. How has Elvira done this for so long?

For digital purchases, visit ComiXology or ComiXology Unlimited. To purchase physical copies online, click on the comic book title below and visit our affiliate Things From Another World. Your purchase will help out The Retro Network and be no further expense to you. Here is the October 2021 Retro Pull List…

Arkham City: The Order of the World #1 (DC Comics)

Arkham Asylum has fallen and it is up to a handful of staff to contain the evils that were once locked inside. No, not Joker, the Penguin or the Riddler. These are the monsters locked so deep inside readers have never seen their faces. Those that have faces, that is.

Are You Afraid of the Darkseid? #1 (DC Comics)

The Teen Titans sit around the campfire to tell six stories of the scarier corners of the DC Universe. Bloody Mary, murdering hitchhikers, and the like can exist in more than one universe. Featuring Superman, Lois Lane, Harley Quinn and more wishing Batman was the only thing moving in the night.

Willy’s Wonderland #1 (American Mythology)

Anyone else catch the weird Nicholas Cage movie where he tries to make it out of a demonic version of Chuck E. Cheese alive? Now it’s time to see where it all began! This prequel comic will enGROSS readers who wonder if the red stains all over the restaurant is from tomato sauce or something else.

Swamp Dogs #1 (Scout Comics)

Lesbian lovers and their stoner metal band friends stumble across zombie Confederate soldiers brought back by voodoo magic. I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence. This is the comic book child of Grindhouse cinemas and horror sections in mom and pop VHS rental stores. One of the most over the top ideas in years, and you’re damn right I already ordered a copy!

These Damn Kids! #1 (Second Sight)

Hey, written by former Hellions Talks guest Peter Breau! The small town of Vicksburg, Mississippi is overrun when all of the children become murdering psychopaths. What are the grown ups to do when the little ankle biters are hungry for more?

Refrigerator Full of Heads #1 (DC Comics/Black Label/Hill House Comics)

In Basketfull of Heads, an enchanted axe kept severed heads alive and way too talkative as our heroine tried to find answers and safety. In this sequel, the axe is back and Brody Island has more secrets to unearth.

Task Force Z #1 (DC Comics)

The Robin who died thanks to 1-900 calls, Jason Todd, is now the Red Hood. Who better to lead a team of dead/undead/living dead. Left for dead after the attack on Arkham Asylum, this band of necro-misfits searches for answers while navigating through this second life.

DC vs Vampires #1 (DC Comics)

A 12 issue mini series pitting the Justice League against a legion of vampires. What more do you want?

Be sure to check out these comics and so much more each and every Wednesday at your local comic book shop. I didn’t even get through every new horror title, to say nothing of the ones that are already going on. Plus the hundreds if not thousands of late titles waiting for you in the back issue bins.

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