Rental Return S2 EP5: Secrets of the Staff

Season 2 of Rental Return – Tales From the Video Store continues with “Secrets of the Staff.” This episode features some wild stories of staff shenanigans during and after business hours. Here Brandon tell about an epic pen-throwing war that occurred after hours one night that ended with an exploding marker and a clean up that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Our Heroes also take us behind-the-scenes with details about how the business of rental stores operated that most customers wouldn’t realize. William explains the unique job he had for awhile at Blockbuster going from store to store scanning tapes all night for inventory. Then find out if our Heroes’ time working at rental stores resulted in some friendship that have lasted until this day. For Billy and his colleagues at World of Video, lifelong friendships were definitely made.

Our “Video Heroes” for Season 2 include Mark DeWitt (@Mark_DeWitt), Brian B. (@InnerDemonsGR), Joe Corey (@YourCanadianGF), Matthew Corey (@rollerdogNC), Bob O’Rourke (@constrictionpix), William Lanham (@deadly_dinosaur), Colin Fitzpatrick, Alan Smith, W. Axel Foley aka Billy Foley, and Brandon Meyers.

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