Pac-Man in Print! Some of His Best Adverts From the ’80s

Pac-man just celebrated another birthday (released to arcades on May 22, 1980) and is now pushing 40! Let’s take a look back on his youth and various Pac-man advertisements from the ’80s. You’ll see print ads for the arcade game, home console cartridges, wristwatches, the handheld electronic game, Mrs. Pacman ads, and finally one for Pac-Man Day which Atari held on April 3, 1982.

What’s interesting is how many different ways Pac-man was drawn! There was the simpler form that we saw in the arcade game, but also many anthropomorphic versions that seemed to be modeled after the 1982 animated series. But whichever way you prefer you Pac-man, make sure to consult your doctor should you catch a “fever” after looking at these advertisements.


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