New Ugly Halloween Sweaters are Here!

In case you haven’t heard, The Retro Network is partnering once again with for the entire month of October! Last year, we had a fun time sharing our 5 favorite Ugly Halloween Sweaters and this year we have a new batch to pass along.

If an Ugly Sweater catches your eye, make sure you use our promo link to save 20% on one item through Oct 31, 2020. Just click over and your saving is automatically deducted in your cart. The promo link works on both Ugly Sweaters and Costumes! Plus, enter our $50 Halloween Costumes eGift Card Giveaway thru Oct 15 for your chance to win one of two cards for a spooky shopping spree! Now, onto our favorite Ugly Sweaters for the 2020 Halloween season…

1. Haunted House Ugly Halloween Sweater

Haunted Houses are a longtime tradition on Halloween and while you may not be able to visit one this year thanks to the dreaded virus, you can wear one instead. The Haunted House Ugly Sweater has some real spooky colors with a blood red background and a yellow moon in the sky. The house is a vibrant orange surrounded by black bats. On the back of the Haunted House Ugly Sweater is a shadowy graveyard.

2. Mummy’s Curse Ugly Halloween Sweater

Who wouldn’t want a mother’s love? Wrap yourself in the bandages of a mummy to add some Halloween flair to any party or even your trip to pickup candy at the store.

3. Toil and Trouble Ugly Halloween Sweater

The perfect recipe of Halloween elements to scare up a good time. This dark sweater with a skull design made from witch hats and a smoking cauldron gives much depth to a traditional Halloween image.

4. Pumpkin/Quirky Kitty Ugly Halloween Sweaters (tie)

We couldn’t decide between the classic Jack O’ Lantern and Black Cat icons for Halloween so we are voting this a tie. You truly can’t go wrong with either choice, the tradition pumpkin carving with green trim or the spooky black cats with the orange pumpkins.

5. Halloween Mischief Ugly Halloween Sweater

You can get into all kinds of trouble in this Ugly Sweater featuring the spooky icons of Halloween. Ghosts, skulls, pumpkins, bats, tombstones, witch hats, candelabras, and bats — the gang’s all here for you to scare up a good time!

Hope you enjoyed window shopping the new Ugly Halloween Sweaters for 2020. These designs and many more including licensed horror characters like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Bettlejuice are all available now at the website. Don’t forget, use our promo link to save 20% on one or any other item from now until Oct 31, 2020. And enter our $50 eGift Card Giveaway for your chance to go on a spooky shopping spree!

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