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Are you fan of everything Disney? Have you taken magical vacations to Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California? Ever imagine what it would be like to work at Disney as a costumed character? We welcome you to go behind the scenes at the happiest place on Earth with a couple of former costumed characters who have stories to tell!

You’ve heard Adam and Jeff of Sequelquest pitch movie sequels for a couple years now on The Retro Network. But do you know their back story? They met while working as costumed characters at Disneyland and in 2019, chronicled their stories in a limited-run podcast series titled The 2 Goofs Podcast. And while the series is all but finished, we feel like there is audience (namely the fans of The Retro Network) that might have not experienced this fun show. So, we are proudly re-releasing The 2 Goofs Podcast right here in hopes that our fans and Disney fans who have not yet heard Adam and Jeff “goof around” will start listening from the beginning!

In this preview episode of The 2 Goofs Podcast, you’ll be introduced to your duo of hosts Adam and Jeff as they give you a taste of what’s to come from this 12-part limited podcast series exploring the behind the scenes life of Disneyland’s costumed characters.

Visit The 2 Goofs Podcast homepage on Anchor to subscribe in your favorite podcast app. You can also stream and follow along right here on The Retro Network website as we re-release each episode. You can also like The 2 Goofs Podcast on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

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