How To Turn Your Kids Into Major Film Buffs

If you have something you’re passionate about, such as vintage films, you’re obviously going to want to share that with your child. But how can you get this into the same hobby as you? Better yet, how can you get them into films? When kids (and even adults) look back on movies they watched as a kid, especially with a parent, it’s always special. But it’s mostly getting your kid to that point where they want to watch a movie; they can be entertained, and so on. So, here’s what you need to know when it comes to turning your children into major film buffs.

It All Starts with Watching Movies Together

It’s basic, but you need to clear your schedule or even create a routine for getting your kid to watch with you. This even means putting your phone away and having your full attention on the movie. They’re going to pick up on the fact that it’s what they’ll need to do as well.

Decide How You’re Going to Watch Movies

Whether it’s on Netflix, Hulu, or through the library, watch a wide range of films from many genres. Watch movies that are not your usual fare, and you’ll learn to appreciate them more. For example, if you’re not a fan of sports movies, you may still be moved by the drama and humanity of Rocky or amazed at the visual beauty of Lord of the Rings. That goes especially for your kid; as they’re young, you’re going to want to push them to go outside of their comfort zone. You can even look into kid’s Christmas movies to watch too. But overall, get their taste expanding, and choose how you’re going to watch the movies, whether it’s streaming platforms, a classic DVD, or even only heading to theaters.

You Can Never Go Wrong Visiting the Theaters

While many believe that movie theaters are dying, others will probably disagree on that. But one thing is for certain, as a parent, you should try to give this experience to them. Whether it’s a traditional drive-in or theater, both of these offer wonderful memories. Just think about that smell of popcorn, the old seats, the sticky floors, and all the ads that play before a movie. Just the idea of those brings up so much nostalgia, and it’s something your kid could love too.

Consider Film Festivals

While film festivals often give people the impression they’re only for adults, there are children’s film festivals that say otherwise. They’re geared towards kids, so it shows your child that film isn’t just an “old person thing.” Plus, some of these even have kid-related activities that could also get them more into film. Sometimes, it’s about turning your hobby into something more kid-friendly that could easily get a kid more interested.

Encourage Them to Make Their Own Videos

Nowadays, creating videos is easier now more than ever before. It’s a great way to foster their creativity and teamwork skills. It also helps them learn the process of transforming an idea into a finished product. It could get to the point where they fall in love with cinematography, writing, or anything else.

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