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Spelljammer isn’t my favorite Dungeons & Dragons setting. In fact it’s near the bottom of my list. I don’t know what it is about the setting but I never enjoyed playing it.

I wasn’t opposed to reading about it though. And when DC licensed a series of D&D comics I bought them all. We started the year off looking at another in the D&D series, Forgotten Realms #17.

Spelljammer #15, November 1991

Meredith’s son, Bors, has forsaken his mother, but the deadly pirates of Gith may force him to break that vow when Meredith is taken hostage.

Spelljammer 15 cover

This issue we are looking at Spelljammer #15. It also happens to be the final Spelljammer comic in the series, it just didn’t know it.

Spelljammer was published from September 1990 to November 1991, fifteen issues in all. The comic was abruptly cancelled after fifteen issues. This issue even highlights what to expect in issue #16.

DC published four D&D series and Spelljammer was the weakest. Of all the D&D settings, I’ve always wondered how Spelljammer was picked.

Of the four series Advanced Dungeons & Dragons had the most issues with 36, followed by Dragonlance with 34. Forgotten Realms came in at 27 issues. Looking back at the D&D comics there must have been a shift at DC or the license expired. All four of the D&D comics ended in November 1991.

Someone out there has the answer… if it’s you let me know in the comments.

As much as I enjoy talking about Dungeons & Dragons you came for the ads, so let’s get to it!

Predator vs Batman

Spelljammer 15 Predator

Crossovers aren’t new, but they were all the rage in the 1990’s. Pitting big names from completely different universes against each other can make for good analysis. Then it quickly turns into an argument over who would win and why.

In 1991 Dark Horse and DC produced a crossover event pitting Batman against the alien life form from Predator.

Batman Versus Predator was a three issue mini-series. DC would go one to produce two sequels. Batman Versus Predator II: Blood Match in 1995 and Batman Versus Predator III: Blood Ties in 1998.

I only read the first mini-series. It was a good story. Batman’s first encounter with the Predator leaves Batman broken and on the brink of death. He must recover and save Gotham from the murderous rage of the Predator. Can he do it?

Streets of Rage

Spelljammer 15 Streets of Rage

Street of Rage was a great game. You played as a cop in a corrupt city trying to take down the syndicate. The game play was the same style as their 1989 hit, Golden Axe, a side scrolling fight game where enemies come at you from both sides of the screen.

Streets of Rage was a huge hit and went on to be one of the bestselling games for the Sega Genesis. I’m sure this ad had something to do with it.

This ad is fantastic! It shows 30 of the 40 moves you can control in the game. Head butts, flying Double knee attack, suplex, pile driver, double leg kick, flying fists! If that’s not enough you can use a variety of weapons too, pipes, bottles, knives, whatever you want to take down the villainous scum.

Two players can play at the same time, all in 16-bit glory. If you missed this game or want to play it all over again, check out Streets of Rage at Let’s Play

Return of The Joker

Spelljammer 15 Joker

Another video game ad. This time it’s a Nintendo game, Batman: Return of the Joker. At this point in 1991 the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was on it’s last legs. The Super NES released in August 1991 as a direct 16-bit competitor to the Sega Genesis.

The NES was still an 8-bit system and game developers were utilizing the 8-bit hardware to the max to keep up with the new 16-bit platforms. This ad even admits as much, in big bold letters. With Looks As Hot As 16-Bit.

Batman: Return of the Joker is a decent game. I enjoyed playing it even if it was only 8-bit. I love the Joker artwork in this ad too.

Decide for yourself, head over to Retro and play Batman: Return of the Joker.

Atari Lynx

Spelljammer 15 Lynx

Wow, it’s the trifecta of video game ads. First Sega, then Nintendo and now the Atari Lynx. They sure did go with a minimal style in their ads.

I think I said all I can about the Lynx here, here and even here.

Batman & Dracula: Red Rain

Spelljammer 15 Batman Red Rain

First Batman meets the Predator, now he meets Dracula. This graphic novel is another Elseworlds story, like Holy Terror. It’s a much better story than Holy Terror though.

A murder spree in Gotham City is targeting the homeless population and they are all killed the same way, with their throats slashed. As Batman investigates he discovers the murderer(s) are a family of vampires led by Dracula.

Batman joins forces with a rogue vampire to stop Dracula. Along the way Batman is bitten and turns into a vampire. Batman kills Dracula and forever roams the world as Vampire Batman!

If you can find the graphic novel buy it and read it! If you like digital comics you can spend two bucks and buy it online. It’s worth the time and money.

Recycle Ad

Spelljammer 15 Recycle

Years after I moved out of my hometown there was a recycling scandal. Turns out the workers were putting the recycle material in the same truck as the garbage and taking it all to the landfill instead of the recycle center.

They really were throwing it all away…

Wear sunscreen

Spelljammer 15 Sunscreen

Cancer sucks. F* Cancer!

Wear sunscreen

Batman vs Predator

Spelljammer 15 Batman

This is the companion ad to the first one. Batman gets whooped by the Predator, recovers and tries to rid Gotham City of the alien. Can he do it? Of course, he’s Batman!

Ultima: Runes of Virtue

Spelljammer 15 Ultima

I love Ultima. It’s a great franchise.

I talked about it in the Outlaws issue. You can read all my thoughts there and how a group of friends used to stay up all night playing the online version.

That ends out look at Spelljammer #15. As great as the Ultima ad is, I’ve picked it before. The winner this issue is Streets of Rage. It was a great game and it’s a great ad.

Gobble Gobble!

Justice League Thanksgiving
Avengers Thanksgiving

What’s your favorite ad? Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time, keep your comics bagged and boarded…unless you want to thumb through them to check out the great ads!

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