Unicron Attacks

Unicron, the Monster Planet. Cruising between two suns, the ringed planet drifted through space before setting his sights on Lithone. As he approached, he opens the many teeth on its surface, shining a beam of CONTINUE READING…


First Watch: Raw Deal (1986)

This “First Watch” review covers the 1986 action film Raw Deal starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Darren McGavin, Kathryn Harrold, and Sam Wanamaker. This movie was released in-between the blockbuster hits Commando and Predator. It was a flop at the CONTINUE READING…

Moon Patrol
Do You Remember

Do You Remember? Moon Patrol

It wasn’t easy patrolling the rocky terrain of Moon Patrol, but if it was any consolation, they gave you a really cool car. The purple, six-wheeled, high-jumping, laser-blasting vehicle at the center of Moon Patrol was a dream CONTINUE READING…