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Night Patrol

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A hapless police officer is transferred to the night shift even as he clandestinely pursues a career as a stand up comedian.


  • Linda Blair as Officer Sue Perman
  • Pat Paulsen as Officer Kent Lane
  • Jaye P. Morgan as Kate Parker
  • Jack Riley as Doctor Ziegler
  • Billy Barty as Captain Lewis
  • Murray Langston as Officer Melvin White
  • Pat Morita as Rape Victim
  • Andrew Dice Clay as Tony

1984 viewing

Never heard of this movie before I started the 84 From 84 series. Didn’t see the trailer in 1984 and never saw it on TV or on the video store racks.

Let’s see if it’s as good as the other police comedy from 1984…

40th Anniversary Re-watch

This movie was rough.

Night Patrol has more of a 70s vibe to it than 80s. It’s written by Murray Langston, who also stars as Melvin White. It hit theaters 8 months after Police Academy and the two are often compared. The comparison is fair but the movies aren’t similar.

The real thing Night Patrol is missing is a plot. I was half way through the movie and still didn’t know what was going on. The movie jumped from scene to scene with nothing really connecting them. It’s like somewhat similar comedy skits put together to make a movie.

The Unknown Comic persona is bad. His jokes aren’t funny and the audience laughing their heads off is weird. Langston is a stand-up comic and created The Unknown Comic in the 70s and went on shows like The Gong Show. I’m hoping he got the gong, I don’t find him funny. Maybe his humor was better appreciated back in the late 70s.

This movie is full of crude, irreverent, sophomoric, locker-room humor, which I enjoyed for the most part. Honestly, after the first 30-40 minutes it got old. Not because it wasn’t funny, it was just repetitive. They had the same 10-12 jokes on repeat.

Night Patrol Linda Blair

There are some familiar faces in this movie. Andrew Dice Clay has a bit part as comedian Tony Baroni trying to get the featured at the comedy club. Reginald VelJohnson of Die Hard and Family Matters fame is one of the inept cops. The dad from Just the Ten of Us appears as a crazy Japanese gunmen. What? Why Japanese?

Pat Morita has a funny bit part too. He was in another movie in 1984 we’ll feature later in the series. It’s a much better role and much better movie.

Linda Blair, the possessed star of The Exorcist, is one of the main cops and has a crush on Melvin White. I thought she was a good actress, before this I only saw her in The Exorcist.

Favorite Line:

I already have one a**hole in my underwear, I don’t need another

Overall this movie isn’t good, nothing anyone should seek out. It’s also not for the easily offended. There are numerous off color and offensive jokes that would get anyone canceled today. But they all work in the context of the movie.

If you like low-IQ potty humor you might like movie. But if you want a better cop comedy wait for Police Academy.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone. Somehow it got a Blu-Ray release in 2020. Why?

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3/10 stars

3 Stars

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