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Oh, God! You Devil

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George Burns returns as God, and as Satan. They battle over the soul of a young rock star who is willing to sell his soul to the devil.


  • George Burns as God and the Devil (Harry O. Tophet)
  • George Burns as the Devil (Harry O. Tophet)
  • Ted Wass as Bobby Shelton
  • Ron Silver as Gary Frantz
  • Roxanne Hart as Wendy Shelton
  • Eugene Roche as Charlie Gray

1984 viewing

I never saw this movie. I wasn’t allowed to watch any of the Oh God! movies because of the way they used God in the title. I grew up in a strange household, it’s OK though, I turned out normal…

To be fair, I wasn’t looking to see this movie in the 80s anyhow. The movie poster doesn’t stand out and isn’t interesting to a young kid in the 80s. A couple of old guys on a cloud.

So, I’ll watch this one for the first time and see what I think.

40th Anniversary Re-watch

Oh God! You Devil is the third movie in the Oh God! trilogy. The first movie was a huge success, the second movie doesn’t appear to be great. And I’m here to tell you, the third movie isn’t great either.

The movie is essentially a parable about being careful what you wish for and being grateful for what you have. A retelling of the Legend of Faust.

Struggling musician Bobby can’t catch a break and is trying his hardest to be a rock star and support his family. Bobby says he’d do anything to be famous even sell his soul to the Devil. Then, in walks the Devil, played by George Burns. Burns also plays God, as he did in the two previous movies.

The Devil offers Bobby a deal for unlimited fame and fortune for a period of seven years. Bobby is reluctant but signs a trail-period contract and is whisked into another life. Bobby is now rock star Billy Wayne. Bobby just sold his soul to the Devil.

Oh God! You Devil Poker

The former Billy Wayne is placed in Bobby’s old life and Bobby(Billy) realizes he made a big mistake. Bobby asks God for help and God appears.

God and the Devil play a game of high stakes poker for Bobby’s soul. In the end God wins, duh, and Bobby gets his soul back and his life.

George Burns was a huge star back in the 20th Century. He lived to be 100 years old. He was a staple of entertainment; I remember him always smoking a cigar. I know Oh, God! was a big hit, but I’m not sure there needs to be three movies in the franchise. Really, it doesn’t even need to be a franchise. One and done.

Favorite Line:

I put the fear of me in you.

Overall, I was mostly bored watching this movie. It’s not bad and it’s not good, it just is. A thought, if you are God, or the Devil and can manifest into any person, why choose an 88-year-old’s body?

The Devil should have been played by Farrah Fawcett, Raquel Welch, Christie Brinkley or any number of actresses. Someone who would tempt a wanna-be rock star into signing the contract.

Maybe this was better in 1984 but in 2024 I didn’t find it very entertaining. I liked the overarching message of being grateful for what you have; I think it could have been told in a better way.

If you don’t watch this one you aren’t missing anything.

Oh, God! You Devil hit theaters on 07 November 1984.

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4/10 stars

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