Bracket Madness: 1980s Cartoons

Our second Bracket Madness tournament is here! Join Ray (@rasslingrenade), Stacey (@geeky_vixen), Tim (@oldschool80s), Gary (@MileHighSamurai), and Jason (@RD80s) as they determine the champion of 1980s cartoons.

16 cartoons will be entered into the tournament (three by each host and a bonus pick) and seeded according to IMDb ratings. Each matchup will then be decided by majority vote until a champion is declared! Will one of the top seeds like Ducktales, Transformers, or He-Man be crowned? Or will a lower seed like Jem, M.A.S.K. or Muppet Babies be able to pull off an upset? Tune in and find out!

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'80s kid and '90s grad. I've been writing and podcasting about 1980s pop culture since 2011 at my website. I collect vinyl, comics, Batman memorabilia, and all things Mobile Armored Strike Kommand.