Best Movies That Are the Epitome of Pop Culture

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Movies are all around us, millions released and many forgotten. Some make it big at the box office, while others flop. There are few movies that are widely remembered and become pop culture. From memorable dialogue to iconic scenes, characters, and even their fashion, the best movies create an bonding moment for generations to come and pave the way for completely new pop culture. From inside jokes with friends to icebreakers among strangers, pop culture movies can have a positive effect in socially awkward moments. 

Pop culture movies are often “must-watch” pieces, so there is no surprise that streaming sites often roll out the red carpet when they appear on their services. Almost all major content streaming sites have a few movies that help them gather audiences and generate big bucks. For the viewers, it is a chance to watch the best content with a few taps of a finger, and for the content streaming platforms, pop culture movies are a way to lure more subscribers. 

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5 of the Best Movies That Are the Epitome of Pop Culture

  1. Scarface

Release: 1983

Genre: Crime/Drama

Runtime: 2hr. 50m

Currently Available: Prime Video, iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play.

If you are a crime movie fan and like a lot of bloodshed, drugs, and messed-up scenes, Scarface is epitome of the genre. Bringing back the Pablo vibes mixed with swinging ’60s, some ammunition in action, and the right amount of hazy blue pictures, Scarface has it all. 

Iconic dialogues like “Say hello to my little friends” and “Eyes Chico, they never lie”, Scarface has really become a pop culture. Even today after so many years, posters, phone covers, and art pieces are sold inspired by the main lead. Tony Montana is so famous that songs are written about him and his name is now basically used as a synonym for a gangster.

  1. Mean Girls

Release: 2004

Genre: Comedy/Teen

Runtime: 1hr. 37m

Currently Available: Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Vudu

As high school students, we all wanted to be part of the popular group. I mean who wouldn’t like to dress well, have their own rules, be part of the popular bunch, and be remembered for nothing else than good fashion? Mean Girls was so iconic that it eventually led to a movement that is still active today. 

All the mean girls or popular girl characters you see today in film are mere petty impersonations of the main lead in Mean Girls. Moreover, the movie is so famous that even today posters, pop sockets, phone cases, and captions are written from the movie’s inspiration. 

  1. Inception

Release: 2010

Genre: Action/Sci-fi

Runtime: 2h 28m

Currently Available: Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, and Vudu

Just another mind-bending movie made by Christopher Nolan? Maybe for some people it is just another movie but in reality, it was the start of an era. A perfect icebreaker that will help you understand and somehow talk about time traveling and geek over physics. If you are a true science geek at heart, this movie will help you find people just like you.

Filled with pop culture references, twisted concepts, and some extremely jarring moments, Inception is a movie that every science geek breathes and lives. To understand the popularity of inception, you need to keep in mind that most people ask and discuss the ending of inception and use it as a compatibility test. So next time, you want to see if you are compatible with someone, maybe you can try it yourself.  

  1. Pulp Fiction

Release: 1994 

Genre: Indie film/Crime 

Runtime: 2hr. 34m

Currently Available: Amazon, Google Play, and Vudu

Drinking milkshakes, riding a red convertible, or just grooving over some jazzy beats, this movie created a cult following that is undeniable to this day. One of the most exceptional pieces directed by Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction is a movie with a complex narrative that seems shallow at first. From fast food references to iconic fashion pieces, this movie is also one of the most recreated themes for Halloween. 

If you are a film student and you want to understand camera panning, story narration, and some mood-building strategy inspiration, this is the movie to consider. Due to its impeccable narrative, Pulp Fiction has also been included in the curriculum of multiple filmmaking courses at the best film schools. 

  1. Titanic 

Release: 1997

Genre: Romance/Drama

Runtime: 3hr. 14m

Currently Available: Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu

Was there enough place for Jack to fit with Rose on the door? This is one of the most asked questions that still keep people awake at night. As a movie buff, if you have not watched Titanic yet, you cannot claim yourself to be a movie geek. From iconic lines like “Paint me like one of your French girls” and “Never let go”, this movie still holds a special place in our hearts.

The movie singlehandedly made billions at the box office, made the career of the lead characters, and gathered some big applause from viewers and critics alike. Even after several decades, you will still come across Titanic memes that will leave you in stitches. 

Bottom Line 

Movies can be blockbusters or Oscar winners but very few really stand the test of time. The above-mentioned movies have not just proved to be iconic in their era but also part of the collective memory of generations after.

What other movies would you add to our list?

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