9 Most Unique Video Game Characters Of All Time

Video games are a great source of entertainment in this generation, from action games and shooters to puzzles and RPGs. The main objective of introducing video games is to play games. But then, it has taken a great effort and time for some video game characters to transform into art. These characters play a great role in adding attractive stories and visuals to the games. The main difference between the normal and the best games are their villains, protagonists and the supporting characters. 

In this article, we have named some of the most unique video game characters from all eras.

Donkey Kong

Nintendo’s most liked ape was considered a bad boy initially because he disappointed Mario and his girlfriend at some point. He also took the role-playing the part of hero with his younger brother Diddy Kong as seen in the SNES classic popularly known as Donkey Kong Country. Since then, the burly ape has become a popular and most-loved star on Nintendo. This was seen in his roles as an amazing performance in games like Mario Party, Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart.

Pac-Man And Ms. Pac-Man

Undoubtedly, nobody knew that the image of a pizza having one slice removed would make it possible for the emergence of one of the oldest gaming mascots. The ghost-chomping avatar known as Pac-Man who eats yellow pellets became popular and is known far and wide. On the other hand, his female counterpart also gained much popularity.  Do you want to install this game? Games take up much memory on your phone, which makes iPhones slow and overheat, which requires regular cleaning up of your device. But then, you don’t have to worry because the iPhone CleanUp app can remove unnecessary apps, files and duplicate contacts. This app also makes your phone browse fast because it cleans up more memory on your device. With its smart cleaning techniques, you don’t have to worry because it will clear all duplicate files and photos. If you have previously experienced memory issues, clean up memory with this app.


Scorpion’s “frozen” rival, Sub-Zero, has similar traits to the Mortal Kombat ninja. Sub-Zero is regarded highly because he has a cool demeanor and wears alternating costumes as witnessed over the past few decades. On the other hand, his foreboding voice makes Sub-Zero among the most beloved game legends.


Pikachu has been a popular video game characters since the first titles were released in the late 90s. This is because most individuals can mimic its conversation with ease. On the other hand, the best and the most known Pokémon is still fresh in most people’s memory. The beautiful mouse we have all seen is so cute to everyone’s eyes. 

The Personas

If you are a Persona user, it is a fact that, by far, you have unique part-time work. The personas have to wear rock-suave outfits, wield arcane powers, and joke with a speaking cat; they do this when spending a good time with their closest friends. Even though the party members have a stylish look, the general appearance of the personas all through the series is what everyone will remember. In this series, most of them have similar personalities to the bible terms and figures. This is evident even more in their names like Messiah, Vishnu, Lucifer and Beelzebub.

Sonic The Hedgehog

At the beginning of that influential marketing campaign, a “Blue Blur” from Sega emerged swinging against the portly plumber. Ever since that incident, Sonic the Hedgehog became a known entertainment staple. He also beat all odds by bringing his float to the thanksgiving ceremony. This platform celebrity is fast to be featured almost everywhere, which makes him the best character of all time.

Princess Peach

For most people, talking about princesses feels like mentioning any other gaming damsel. But then, when the Mario Bros kicked off, the head of the Mushroom Kingdom gained more popularity. This came into effect due to the presence of Princess Perch. Peach became more famous than Mario now! What contributed most to her popularity was her tennis, kart golf and other talents, which made her a female icon. 


“GET OVER HERE!” most kids utter this word when playing at the height of the Mortal Kombat fandom. Even now, most individuals quote the yellow ninja, which trended and became popular. Scorpion became the most important video game character who appeared many times in comic books, movies, books and so many other places.

The most popular name for this mountain of a man is “Alpha male.” Kratos appeared in his first three games, distancing himself from the Greek gods. Therefore, he wasn’t responsible but engaged himself in unmatched brutality and reckless behavior. God of War, released in 2018, made Sonny, the uncontrolled God killer, even more powerful. This made him a more likable protagonist, even at this age.


The well-known World Warrior and the fierce fighting game legend that will never be defeated is famously known as Ryu. At one time, you might have heard someone shouting “HADOUKEN!” in public and immediately remembered who the name was connected to. And that is the reason why Street Fighter’s leader of karate belongs to pop culture.

Wrapping Up

If you are a video game lover, you have that one character who will always be on your mind. We have mentioned some of the top picks above. We hope all we have mentioned was helpful.

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