Wrestling Memory Grenade EP 09: NWA May 1989

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Join us this week on Wrestling Memory Grenade as we discuss the fallout from the NWA’s WrestleWar ’89 PPV and cover the final 3 weeks of NWA May 1989, featuring loads of Terry Funk goodness. We’ll walk you through the month of May as the Funker wreaks havoc while he works his way up the NWA Top 10 for a shot at NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair. It’s loads of fun, mixed with show reviews, news and notes, sound bites, the April ’89 VIP Jobber of the Month, and another edition of the NWA Top 10 (Parody!). Timestamps are included below for your convenience.

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VIP Jobber of the Month for April ‘89 (00:10:07)
Who will join names like Trent Knight, Jack Victory, and Cougar Jay in the hallowed halls?

April ’89 NWA Top 10 (00:11;37)
Join us as we say goodbye to George Scott in the Top 10!

NWA Notes and News for May ’89 (00:13:23)
Rick Steiner Injury Update!
 NWA Hirings and Firings
 ROADHOUSE is coming to a theater near you!

NWA Pro 5/13/89 (00:23:04)
It’s our very first Terry Funk promo and he doesn’t disappoint! The Great Muta vs. Randy Rose. Ron Simmons vs. JYD. It’s the fallout from WrestleWar ’89 and it’s hosted by Bob Caudle & Lance Russell for crying out loud. You can’t go wrong!

NWA World Championship Wrestling 5/13/89 (00:38:48)
Scott Steiner makes his NWA in-ring debut as he battles Kevin Sullivan. The Fabulous Freebirds are back together. Paul E. picks a fight with the Roadies! The Great Muta gets “Stone Cold” on Ranger Ross when he busts out a STUNNER! Another tremendous Terry Funk Promo before he proceeds to murder a jobber. Teddy Long introduces his pal Norman via a vignette. Jim Herd has a special announcement regarding the NWA Tag Team Titles. Ray and Steve discuss why “The Meltz” thinks it’s okay for Steamboat to hold the World Title for a couple of months, but not Ron Garvin. Plus, Lex Luger is developing a new attitude!

NWA Pro 5/20/89 (01:12:01)
Gary Hart issues an open challenge for the Dragon Shai Match as we get our first confrontation between Sting and the Great Muta! Yet another great Terry Funk Promo before he’s interrupted by two rookies. Things don’t end well for the rookies. We also talk the Casey Kasem syndrome and the importance of structuring the segments within a show.Kevin Sullivan faces Eddie Gilbert. Ron Simmons takes on Randy Rose. Plus, it’s our first look at a young man named Flyin’ Brian!

NWA Worldwide 5/20/89 (01:36:12)
The Road Warriors and the SST battle it out in a wild one. Sting takes on Ron Simmons in a fun one. Eddie Gilbert tries to teach Scott Steiner how to strut! Terry Funk gets politically incorrect as he uses Rick Steiner as a reason for Roe v. Wade to be repealed. Kevin Sullivan trashes a former member of the Varsity Club. Plus, we see another Sting and Great Muta confrontation!

NWA World Championship Wrestling (01:52:01)
The NWA Tag Title Tournament kicks off with the Roadies vs. The Freebirds! TV Champion Sting defends against Jack Victory directly before Sting and the Great Muta have a stare down for the ages! Terry Funk faces the challenge of a young man by the name of Eddy Guerrero shortly before he tells us a story about blowing the brains out of a jackass! We check in on Rick Steiner’s rehab. Ron Simmons and Ranger Ross prepare for the tournament. The Dynamic Dudes are introduced to Jazzercise! Teddy Long is back with another Norman vignette. We’re introduced to the Party Patrol in what may be their one and only appearance. Scott Steiner dominates in the ring. Plus, find out what Flyin’ Brian and TWIX have in common! Chika chika!

NWA Main Event 5/21/89 (Quick Results Only)
Terry Funk vs. Brad Armstrong headlines the show.

NWA Pro 5/27/89 (02:20:38)
Rookie DeWayne Bruce is given interview time, but Terry Funk interrupts. You can guess what happens next! Paul E. explains his heat with the Road Warriors dating back to 1983! Plus, the Dynamic Dudes, Scott Steiner, and Michael Hayes gets obscene with the camera. 

NWA Worldwide 5/27/89 (02:32:25)
Paul E. taunts the Roadies and Hawk takes offense of the “banana boaters”. Scott Steiner goes one-on-one with Michael Hayes. Butch Reed battles Randy Rose. Plus action involving Ron Simmons, the SST, and the Great Muta in handicap action!

NWA World Championship Wrestling 5/27/89 (02:45:02)
The Great Muta takes on 3 men in an “Oriental Torture Match”. The World Tag Title tournament continues with the SST vs. Ranger Ross & Ron Simmons. Lex Luger challenges Michael Hayes to a Badstreet Match. Terry Funk takes on Johnny Rich. Scott Steiner faces Jack Victory, while brother Rick’s admiring fan returns with a present for the Dog faced Gremlin. We hear from Ric Flair’s doctor. Michael Hayes returns as cohost, sigh. Plus, Jim Cornette announces the return of the Midnight Express!

NWA Main Event 5/28/89 (03:02:56)
We learn that Kevin Sullivan hired Terry Gordy to attack Dr. Death in Japan. It’s the debut of “Wild” Bill Irwin. The Dynamic Dudes try to balance on their skateboards. More Jim Cornette goodness in the form of a pre-tape hyping his Midnight’s return. Norman the Lunatic looks to win a Razzie award for worst actor. Plus, the Great Muta battles newcomer Ricky Santana in a building that is clearly in dire need of air conditioning!

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