Wrestling Memory Grenade EP 07: NWA April 1989

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The boys from Wrestling Memory Grenade are back again, this time to tackle an astounding 4 weeks of NWA TV, news, and notes for the entire month of April 1989. This Ultra-Mega-Mass 4 hour extravaganza takes a look at life in the NWA Post-George Scott era, and ahhh, it’s a wonderful world! Nonstop action, angles, and everything else you need to know heading into WrestleWar ’89!

Timestamps for all shows included below so that you can stop and pick back up anytime you want without worrying about losing your place!

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What’s New On The Retro Network (00:02:34)
Karen revisits retro Music Video premieres on Prime Time Network TV, while OldSchool80s Tim takes a look at vintage Dr. Pepper commercials from the late 70s and early 80s. 


NWA Pro 4/8/89 (00:04:04)
Kevin Sullivan fears Grenada. Cougar Jay “recovers” from the Danger Zone before Randy Rose. Poor Rip Morgan gets stuck with the Sheik. Action with the Midnight Express, The Great Muta, and more. Plus, it’s the battle of the 1980s crap watches, the Laser Beam Wristwatch meets the Swiss Army Watch. which will prevail? Go to Twitter and vote now!

NWA Worldwide Wrestling 4/8/89 (00:12:55)
Mike Rotunda joins commentary. Is there dissension in the Varsity Club? World Champions Steamboat vs. Rip Morgan. Action with Steiner & Gilbert, SST, Lex Luger, and more. Plus, D.J. Dick Murdoch spins records? 

NWA World Championship Wrestling 4/8/89 (00:18:59)
A hodgepodge episode from the “Control Center” as we hear from Ric Flair, his attorney Dennis Guthrie, World Champion Ricky Steamboat, AND Executive VP Jim Herd in regards to the finish of the Clash VI World Title Match and a potential rematch. Two dark matches from the Clash involving TV Champion Sting vs. Rip Morgan, and highlights of U.S. Champion Lex Luger vs. Jack Victory. Action from Center Stage involving Bob Orton vs. Shane Douglas, and Randy Rose vs. Jack Victory. Plus, Greg Brown goes for the title of “Iron Jobber” as he somehow takes on the Roadies AND the Varsity Club in back to back TV matches. Oh yeah, and there’s this guy, maybe you heard of him, he’s called the Great Muta. And in the Danger Zone, it’s Stiiiiing!

NWA Main Event 4/9/89 (00:49:03)
U.S Champion Lex Luger takes on Michael Hayes in what is literally a practice run of their WrestleWar ’89 encounter. The Great Muta takes on two men in handicap action. Plus, Paul E. learns that he will soon be handcuffed to the JYD as part of an upcoming SST vs. Midnight Express match. Hear what Dangerously has to say about it. 

NOTES AND NEWS (00:56:14)
The “New Generation” heading in?
Barry Windham gone from the NWA!
Plus, more rumors on the WWF’s Islander – Tama, Tom Prichard, and Buddy Landel

NWA Pro 4/15/89 (01:02:16)
Kevin Sullivan shows up dressed as the future Tugboat! Michael Hayes attacks U.S. Champion Lex Luger and introduces him to the DDT. Dick Murdoch takes on Butch Reed in a fun main event. Ric Flair makes the rounds and speaks with Bob Caudle. World Champion Steamboat vs. Rip Morgan for a 2nd time. Plus, action with Sting, Steiner, Muta, Luger, Shane Douglas, this show is loaded. 

NWA Worldwide Wrestling 4/15/89 (01:19:11)
World Champion Steamboat vs. “Secret Service’ Jack Victory. Green jobbers piss off Dr. Death in a Varsity Club squash. Plus, SST, Butch Reed, Bob Orton, and Sheik & Morgan team. 

NWA World Championship Wrestling 4/15/89 (01:30:09)
Our first full-fledged Center Stage Show! World Champion Steamboat vs. Ron Simmons… DAMN! Jim Cornette announces his departure from the NWA, along with his Midnight Express in a semi-shoot promo. Sting is introduced to the Iron Sheik. Jim Ross takes potshots at the WWF. Missy Hyatt gets physical with Kevin Sullivan. Action involving Muta, Steiner, Luger, and more. The Roadies speak. Plus, Dick Murdoch removes his teeth to accept a challenge from Gary Hart, Bob Orton, and Butch Reed. And, Lex Luger calls out Michael Hayes as the two men brawl to end the show. 

NWA Main Event 4/15/89 (02:09:03)
The Midnight Express battle the SST while managers Cornette and Dangerously are handcuffed to the JYD! Rick Steiner vs. Kendall Windham in Kendall’s final match in the NWA. Plus, Dan Spivey plays Howdy Doody on some job guy’s coconut! Whoooaaaaa-ooooaaa.

NWA Pro 4/22/89 (02:18:35)
Rick Steiner battles Dan Spivey in a battle of the hosses. Michael Hayes “Pearl Harbors” Ranger Ross. The Roadies in a murder squash. Action with SST, Shane Douglas, Bob Orton, Iron Sheik. Plus, Gamesmaster turned Coach, turned Professor, Kevin Sullivan gives us a Geology lesson on Samoa. 

NWA Worldwide Wrestling 4/22/89 (02:33:21)
U.S. Tag Team Champs Gilbert & Steiner vs. Iron Sheik & Rip Morgan. Kevin Sullivan & Dan Spivey take on 3 men? Another Roadies Murder Squash! Action with Sting, Muta, JYD, Ranger Ross. Plus, it’s the DEBUT of the NWA TOP 10!!!

NWA World Championship Wrestling 4/22/89 (02:42:49)
Michael Hayes is fired as cohost! U.S. Champs Gilbert & Steiner vs. The SST. Ranger Ross & Randy Rose vs. Jack Victory & Rip Morgan. Dick Murdoch challenges Bob Orton to a Bullrope Match. More Sting/Sheik shenanigans. The debut of Tonga, the Polynesian Savage. Promos from the Roadies, Steamboat, and Flair. Bob Orton in action. The Great Muta confronts the JYD! Plus, how can you hate a man named Rhubarb Jones?

NWA Main Event 4/23/89 (03:15:22)
Matches from the Omni include World Tag Team Title Rematch with Doc & Rotunda defending against the Roadies, plus The Great Muta vs. Steve Casey. Referee Teddy Long continues his cheating ways. And, The SST vs. Randy Rose & Ranger Ross.

NWA Pro 4/29/89 (03:21:57)
Quick results with Shane Douglas, Orton, Sting, Michael Hayes. And the main event pits Ric Flair vs. Randy Rose

NWA Worldwide Wrestling 4/29/89 (03:25:06)
Two monster main events as Ric Flair & Michael Hayes team up against Lex Luger & Ricky Steamboat. And, 8-Man Tag Team Action with The Varsity Club & Bob Orton vs. Gilbert, Steiner, and the Road Warriors! The Iron Sheik & Rip Morgan vs. Ranger Ross & Steve Casey. Plus, Muta, Reed, and Don’t Step to Ron!

NWA World Championship Wrestling 4/29/89 (03:34:37)
A LOADED SHOW!!! World Tag Team Champions Doc & Rotunda vs. U.S. Tag Champs Gilbert & Steiner! Kevin Sullivan adds “barber” to his recent job titles as he cuts Gilbert and Missy’s hair! Sting tries his hand at the Sheik’s Persian Club Challenge. Is Sting a genius, or an idiot? Find out for yourself! Flair and Steamboat exchange words… twice on the same show! Ron Simmons takes on JYD and Teddy Long FINALLY finds himself FIRED by Jim Herd!!! Michael Hayes vs. Steve Casey. The Great Muta in action. And, an awesome angle involving Dick Murdoch, Gary Hart, Bob Orton, and a BULLROPE!!!

NWA Main Event 4/30/89 (04:01:00)
We review this one in under a minute, new record time! Just a quickie all-highlight show to get you ready for WrestleWar. 

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