Way Back Wednesday: The Year End Wrap Up

1983: The Year End Wrap Up

Well, kids…here we are. The final post in our year long look at the music of 1983. Several times this year, I’ve been asked why I consider 1983 as the best year for 80’s music. Certainly, other years during the greatest decade in pop culture history produced as much memorable music as ’83. I don’t deny that at all. But, in my opinion, this is the year that defined the sound of “The 80’s”. Even though 1982 gave us songs like “I Love Rock and Roll”, “Centerfold” and “Eye of The Tiger” among others, the charts were still feeling the lingering effects of late 70’s, early 80’s yacht rock and the artists and bands that were coming up were till trying to find their place and sound. If you listen long enough you’ll realize that “80’s music” has a distinct sound from 1983 well into 1987 and it’s foundation was laid in the year we just reviewed.

On a personal note, 1983 was the year I discovered the radio and the Top 40 countdown. As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in a very straight laced, Christian household and my parents tried to keep me away from rock n roll as long as they could. But two things happened in 1983 that changed all of that. I got a radio and a TV in my room. I was free to listen to whatever I wanted to including Casey Kasem’s Top 40 every weekend, writing down all songs on the charts. And while I didn’t have MTV in my room, there were plenty of local market copy cat shows that played the latest videos. If you’ve read my article, “Heisenberg: My 80’s Contraband Life“, you know that my love for rock music took off like a rocket in 1984 but the beginning of that love affair started in that bedroom in 1983.

For your listening pleasure, I’ve compiled all the number one and featured songs that we’ve talked about this year into one playlist. Almost four hours of 80’s goodness. So start your 2021 off right and give it a listen and may the new year bring you good luck and good fortune. In the immortal words of Casey Kasem, “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”

Eric V…signing off.

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