Way Back Wednesday: The Top Music of July 29th, 1983

This Week In 1983: The Top Music of July 29th, 1983

Our top four stay the same but The Eurythmics and “Sweet Dreams” move into the top 10 and start to make their play for the top spot. Both Kajagoogoo and Elton John take big tumbles on their way back down the chart. Michael Jackson’s new single “Human Nature” jumps thirteen spots to debut in the Top 40 at #35. Billy Joel, however, debuts on the chart at #38 with “Tell Her About It”. Peaking at #12 this week is our featured song of the week: “1999” by Prince.

Song Story: “1999” by Prince

This is the second time this song has been released. It was actually released as the first single from the album by the same name but only reached #44. But after the success of the his previous single, “Little Red Corvette”, the song was re-released. The song was written at the height of the Cold War and Prince is addressing fears of a nuclear Armageddon.

Originally, Prince envisioned the whole song as a 3-part harmony with bandmates Lisa Coleman, Dickerson and himself, all singing together. Prince later decided to split up the tracks, letting each voice solo on a line (this is something Stevie Wonder did on “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life”). The second verse follows this same pattern.

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