VHS Archive: Show Me the Bloopers (1997)

Bloopers have always been very entertaining whether you are talking about reels from TV shows or sports. As one of the hosts of Thrift Store Horde, I’m always on the lookout for rare sports themed VHS tapes. One that caught my eye in recent months, thanks to the wild box art, was Show Me the Bloopers, Major League Baseball Funnies from 1997.

Another thing that caught my eye was the Fox Saturday logo. I see many tapes from the juggernauts like ESPN, Sports Illustrated and NFL Films, but not many from Fox. After watching the video, I was surprised to hear a familiar voice! Long-time voice actor Larry Kenney, whose credits include Sonny the Cuckoo Bird and Lion-O from Thundercats, narrates the video with his unique delivery. Here is the description from the back of the slip cover:

Major League Baseball has never been more enjoyable, more fun, more entertaining than in this Big League Buffet of Bloopers. Show Me the Bloopers is a grand slam of smiles from the dugout benches to its centerfield bleachers. This official showcase of shenanigans is packed with Major League Baseball music-video follies and knee-slappin’ plays from MLB diamonds everywhere. Celebrate the sillier side of MLB with: – Every hilarious moment, collision, and misplay form today’s MLB superstars, future stars, and raw rookies. – All the laughs from bubble-gum tricks to the legendary pie-in-the-face. – Our very own dance contest between fans in the stands and their happy-feet heroes on the field. – Dog afternoon in Chicago? Plus: the seam-busting bloopers that put a smile on every fan’s face and the MLB magic that keep the smiles shining. Show Me the Bloopers is the funniest feast of MLB Funnies yet!

Sit back and watch some of baseball’s funniest plays from the mid ’90s and beyond. Show Me the Bloopers is 40 minutes of pure fun and the perfect entry into the VHS archive on the TRN TV YouTube channel…

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