TRN Toy Box: Holiday Optimus Prime

Today I’ll be reviewing the Hasbro Pulse exclusive Transformers Holiday Optimus Prime!

Figure Descriptions

• ROLLING THROUGH A WINTER WONDERLAND: Santa looks a little different this year! Naughty or nice, Optimus Prime is delivering holiday cheer to all sentient beings.
• HOLIDAY OPTIMUS PRIME: ‘Tis the season for this 7-inch Holiday Optimus Prime action figure, featuring holiday-inspired deco and details, including a Santa Claus Autobot faction logo on the trailer.
• FESTIVE CONVERSION: Figure converts from robot to licensed Volvo truck mode in 37 steps. Features green-tinted windows and snowy deco details. Open chest to insert Matrix of the Holiday Spirit accessory
• HOLIDAY-THEMED ACCESSORIES: Comes with candy cane lon blaster, Matrix of the Holiday Spirit, and truck trailer accessories. Trailer attaches to truck mode and opens to become a battle station
• SPECIAL SEASONAL PACKAGING: This package will fit right in under the tree! Packaging artwork features festive nods to the holidays. A great gift for kids and adults ages 8 and up!

Photo Gallery

Below are pictures I took of Holiday Optimus Prime and also side-by-side comparisons with War For Cybertron Earthrise Optimus Prime.

Final Thought

Overall, I think Holiday Optimus Prime is a solid figure. Priced at $55.99, I think is high, but, you’re paying for the exclusivity to Hasbro Pulse. I do like the subtle touches of making Prime look like he’s dressed in a Santa suit! The candy cane blaster rifle is a fun effect too! At times the transformation was a little frustrating. I’ll give this figure a grade of B.

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