TRN Podcast – Outtakes and Stories 05

Jason and Mickey are taking the week off from recording TRN Podcast but we have a special bonus episode for you. Get another glimpse behind the scenes of our recording sessions with TRN Podcast – Outtakes and Stories 05!

While our podcasts sound somewhat professional (thanks to Jason’s rigorous editing), we don’t always act professional when we are recording. There is a hefty amount of stuttering (mostly by Jason) and off-the-wall jokes (mostly by MIckey) that gets left out of most podcasts. Outtakes and Stories is our way of showing our audience that we’re just a couple regular guys that like to podcast, reminisce about the past, and talk about life in general.

Listen to Episode 05 of Outtakes and Stories below which features audio dating back to December 2019 through July 2020. And as an exclusive for our Patreon supporters, we will be releasing an “After Hours” version of Outtakes and Stories 05 a little later today featuring all the cussing and crude jokes that are too hot for the main podcast feed!

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