TRN Podcast 034 – Discontinued Fast Food

The listeners have spoken! After giving an opportunity to choose this week’s Time Machine topic on Twitter, our listeners chose Discontinued Fast Food. But before we go back in time, Jason and Mickey do their weekly reality check with the latest Recurrent Events headlines including:

  • Masters of the Universe: Revelation voice cast
  • Rick Moranis returning for Disney’s Shrunk movie sequel
  • The Rocketeer reboot back in development
  • New Batman: The Animated Series comic books
  • Funko “pops” the Domino’s Noid

Our TRN Time Machine segment this week sponsored by the RetroDaze YouTube Channel featuring Discontinued Fast Food items! Jason and Mickey list their Top 5 menu followed by the dozens of items on our listeners’ menu! Burgers, sandwiches, sauces, and gimmicks are all discussed.

Shoutouts include the Earbuds Podcast Collective and

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