TRN Podcast 022 – Thanksgiving Traditions

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This week we are giving thanks on the TRN Podcast which features our very own Thanksgiving Traditions. First, Jason talks about signing up for Disney+ and then Mickey gives a live review of the new Roast Turkey flavor Pringles. Then, in light of Thanksgiving it’s onto a very special food-centric Recurrent Events:

  • 15 vintage side dishes you should cook this year (and 9 you shouldn’t)
  • Ecto Cooler is returning…or not.
  • Post reveals new Twinkies cereal
  • Snack Pack introduces Fanta flavored gelatin
  • R2-D2 becomes a popcorn maker
  • Chuck E Cheese says goodbye to animatronics.

Our TRN Time Machine segment this week (sponsored by the RetroDaze YouTube channel) is our Thanksgiving Traditions. Listen to our personal history with the holiday and what we do now to celebrate. You’ll also hear our thoughts on Black Friday and our favorite movies/TV specials we watch each year.

In between segments you’ll get to hear some classic Thanksgiving commercials and a coupe promos from the specials we mention. Then, we’ll wrap everything up with recent content on The Retro Network and also what’s coming up this coming week plus your feedback!

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