TRN Podcast 018 – Favorite Retro Halloween Specials

This week’s show is sponsored by! This week through Oct 19 buy one item, get one item 30% Off or use our exclusive TRN promo link to save 15% off your next purchase thru October 31, 2019! No coupon code needed for either deal, just click and your discount is automatically calculated in your cart! Jason is “on assignment” this week so Mickey takes over hosting duties on the podcast! His first order of business is to bring back Tony Grate from RetroDaze as his guest host. After the hosts catch up, it’s on to this week’s Recurrent Events headlines which include:
  • Sony’s He-Man movie may be released on Netflix
  • YouTube expanding its Free-To-Watch Movie library
  • Netflix will premiere “Green Eggs and Ham animated series Nov 8
  • Tubi TV looking for more funding
  • Big Show vs The World reality series
  • Hulk Hogan wants Wrestlemania match with Vince McMahon
  • Stranger Things invades Rocket League
  • New Miami Vice Season 2 Funko Pops
  • Playmobil Scooby-Doo and Back to the Future sets
Our TRN Time Machine segment this week, sponsored by the RetroDaze YouTube channel, reminisces about Halloween specials! Mick and Tony discuss their favorites from animated classics to rare and hidden treasures discover years after they first aired. Plus, listen for some promos of these specials between segments. We’ll also tell you about a few things of note on website including new articles, podcasts, and our topic for next week’s episode which will be our very own Halloween edition of the podcast! Interact with us on social media by finding @TRNsocial on like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Connect with hosts Jason (@RD80s) and Mickey (@yesterdayville) on Twitter. If you enjoy the TRN Podcast, please leave a 5-star rating in your favorite app.


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