TRN Podcast 012 – He-Man Memories

Jason and Mickey return this week with a special Patreon guest host for the entire show, Tony Grate from Retro-Daze.Org! In our first segment, we introduce Tony and get to hear the story behind the origin of Retro-Daze. In Recurrent Events (@recurrentevents) we discuss The Mandalorian trailer, the new Masters of the Universe: Revelation anime series, another Rambo: Last Blood trailer, Matrix 4 announcement, comic con news, and September streaming guide. Our main topic discussion this week is all about our He-Man memories including which came first, the cartoon or the toys, the 1987 film, merchandise, and our MOTU collecting habits nowadays. Finally, don’t miss our recap of recent content on website.

Keeping with the Masters of the Universe theme, the Clip of the Week is audio from the storybook mentioned by Mick during the podcast, the Caverns of Fear. This version is from the Little Golden Books video which is a little more condensed than the actual storybook + 45 record. Plus, you’ll also hear some MOTU commercials and a rare Canon promo for the feature film.

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