TRN Podcast 010 – Department Stores

Jason and Mickey return with another week’s worth of content on the Retro Network Podcast! First, Mick is cruising through life while Jason is making plans for Retro Con. Recurrent Events headlines include a Home Alone reboot on Disney+, The Goldberg’s on Vacation, Garfield on Nickelodeon, Friends Central Perk Lego, Coming to America sequel, G.I. Joe Movie Spinoff, “The Slater” Airbnb, and this week’s anniversaries in TV, movies, and music.

Then in our main topic, we remember the good old days of department stores. We talk about the ones in our area, what it was like visiting them as a kid, and feeling sentimental about them now. Finally, don’t miss our recap of recent content on The Retro Network website.

Listen between segments for the Clip of the Week, a new song by Stan Bush titled “The 80s.” Find it now in iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. Plus, listen for some retro TV commercials from Hills and Ames department stores.

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