The House Show 014 – WWF In Your House ‘Revenge of the Taker’ AND ‘A Cold Day in Hell’

That’s right, two shows will be discussed today! It’s a “Double Hebner!”

Du-plex Ci-ty! Clap clap clapclapclap!

These two shows flow together so well that we finished talking about In Your House 14 and continued into the 15th installment. We didn’t want to tell you all about the set up that takes place on ‘Revenge of the Taker’ and make our listeners wait a week for the pay off at ‘A Cold Day in Hell.’ Plus, take a look at these two events on the WWE Network. The graphics are exactly the same, only the dates have changed.

Revenge of the ‘Taker takes place on  April 20, 1997 at the Rochester Community War Memorial in Rochester, NY in front of nearly 6,500 fans. Steve Austin is about to become the hottest thing in all of professional wrestling. A month earlier at WrestleMania 13 was the infamous double turn in which Austin became a face and Bret Hart turned into WWF’s biggest heel. The Hart Foundation is here hating America while simultaneously beloved in Canada and other countries. Some of the Attitude Era’s biggest stars are here, just before breaking through.

Tonight’s matches include:

  • The Legion of Doom vs. Owen Hart and the British Bulldog (WWF Tag Team champions).
  • Savio Vega (with the Nation of Domination) vs. Rocky Maivia (Intercontinental champion).
  • Jesse James vs Rockabilly (with the Honky Tonk Man).
  • The Undertaker (WWF champion) vs. Mankind (with Paul Bearer).
  • “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart to determine the #1 Contender to the WWF title.

Spoiler alert. Austin wins that match.

Which brings us to the second feature, In Your House 15: ‘A Cold Day in Hell.’ This event is held May 11, 1997, at the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, VA in front of over 9,000 fans. WWF is heating up and the talent who will help them win the Monday Night Wars is here. It is amazing to see so many future WWF champions on this card. Back when none of us could have imagined what these Superstars were about to do and the amazing careers that lay before them.

Tonight’s matches for the second part of the show include:

  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley (with Chyna) vs. Flash Funk.
  • Mankind vs. Rocky Maivia.
  • The Nation of Domination members Faarooq, Crush, and Savio Vega (with Clarence Mason, PG-13, and D’Lo Brown) vs. Ahmed Johnson in a Gauntlet match.
  • Ken Shamrock vs. Vader in a No Holds Barred match.
  • The Undertaker (WWF champion) vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.  

Your hosts discuss these matches and so much more. Shazam! Watching The Rock try to escape from Rocky Maivia. Where does Savio Vega reside? Door banners! Hype central! Bret “Crybaby” Hart. Then on part 2 we wonder if the Chyna gimmick would work today. Fantasy booking a better version of the Nation of Domination. All this talk plus two matches that surprised us.

The Retro Network’s own Kevin Decent (@MaskedLibrary) along with his two best friends “Sweet” Matty Treats (@MattyTreats) and Matt “the Educator of Excellence” are revisiting the WWF’s In Your House pay per view events over the course of the worldwide quarantine. This trios team has been watching wrestling all their lives and debating the outcomes since high school. Join them each week for a new podcast and invite them in your house.

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