The House Show 009 – WWF In Your House: International Incident

This week we’re crossing the border for the second most famous six man tag match from a July 1996 wrestling pay per view. Camp Cornette faces the People’s Posse live from Vancouver, British Columbia.

The ninth installment of In Your House took place July 21, 1996 from the General Motors Place in front of over 14,000 fans. These Canadian fans are excited for another pay per view in their homeland and your Trios hosts are just as excited too!

We discuss what may have really happened to the Ultimate Warrior and to Jake “the Snake” Roberts. Rodeo Sunny makes an appearance. We debate if Canadian wrestling rings are different than American ones.

This episode was taped on Kevin’s birthday and became the birthday celebration/roast of the Masked Library! Hear about his own International Incident. Learn the origins of the infamous cable box VHS tape. Krone Meltzer makes an appearance to tell his Kevin Owens story. Plus for the first time ever a peak behind the curtain with “uncensored Kevin”.

Tonight’s match card:

  • The Bodydonnas vs. The Smoking Gunns (with Sunny).
  • Mankind vs. Henry O. Godwinn (with Hillbilly Jim).
  • “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Marc Mero (with Sable).
  • The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) vs. Goldust (with Marlena).
  • Camp Cornette – Owen Hart, British Bulldog, and Vader vs. the People’s Posse – Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson, and Sid.

The Retro Network’s own Kevin Decent (@MaskedLibrary) along with his two best friends “Sweet” Matty Treats (@MattyTreats) and Matt “the Educator of Excellence” are revisiting the WWF’s In Your House pay per view events over the course of the worldwide quarantine. This trios team has been watching wrestling all their lives and debating the outcomes since high school. Join them each and every week and invite them in your house. Contact The House Show across social media! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (coming soon.)

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